Atlas Van Lines Household Movers Grows Leads and Increases Search Engine Marketing Insights with CallRail

Atlas Van Lines Grows Leads and Increases Search Engine Marketing Insights by 50% with Call Tracking

Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, Atlas Van Lines is one of the largest household movers in the U.S. with more than 300 agents across the country.

Not just the average moving company, Atlas served 2,500 corporate accounts and performed 75,000 interstate and cross-border moves in the past year alone. Their goal, as stated by Vic Baillargeon, Director of Corporate Marketing at Atlas Vans Lines, is, “helping people, families, military, and government personnel who want to make their best move.”

One of the largest drivers behind Atlas Van Lines’ search engine marketing (SEM) success is the phone calls. However, when it came to understanding what keywords and search queries drove their customers to pick up the phone, they knew they needed the data behind the calls.

“[We] went with call tracking because of the amount of published studies that showed phone calls, regardless of industry, are a growing part of internet sales and customer service,” said Baillargeon.


Atlas Vans Lines knew that their SEM program was driving calls, but they didn’t know how many – a key metric that would help them decide whether or not they should spend more time or effort on search engine marketing. Initially, they heard about the benefits of using CallRail from their SEM agency, but after conducting research first-hand, they knew CallRail was a perfect fit for proving and improving their search engine marketing. “Our first-hand research found that CallRail was competitively priced and offered more features than most call tracking providers.”


CallRail has allowed Atlas Vans Lines to track calls connected back to their lead generation campaign. “We use CallRail for sales, specifically lead generation. The biggest benefit for our company has been the ability to accurately identify call volume from our SEM programs,” said Baillargeon.

They also use CallRail to ensure quality checks on their phone calls using call recordings. Another one of the biggest benefits they see from CallRail is the call tracking integration with Google Analytics. “Detailed integration controls allow us to pass data for first-time callers with a minimum connect time. It’s allowed us to view that our SEM program is generating half of our phone leads, the other half being web-form leads,” said Baillargeon.


After implementing call tracking, Atlas Vans Lines was able to understand which search engine marketing tactics drove calls and conversions. This insight allowed them to better focus their online ad copy to what drove leads over the phone and have since implemented CallRail they are able to identify that 50% of their leads come from phone calls. Although they’re focused on the same marketing channels to drive leads, leveraging SEM insights from call data has allowed Atlas to continue to grow its sales opportunities.