Incorporate Call Tracking Into Your Marketing Plan

How Businesses Can Incorporate Call Tracking Into Their Marketing Plan Efficiently

You might have a mountain of information on how users are clicking through to your website and landing pages by using web analytics, social analytics and paid advertising data, but there is one more piece to the lead generation puzzle that people aren’t utilizing that will greatly increase your ROI.

Your marketing strategy can bring in more serious leads and sales with call tracking, which gives you the ability to follow the path of an incoming call and find out exactly how it travels in through the sales funnel.

There are ways you can incorporate call tracking efficiently and effectively so that your analytics is even better.

The Data Behind Call Tracking

Did you know about 43% of conversions that are search related are conducted over the phone? There are many advantages to call tracking that lead to a strong marketing strategy. In addition to the ability of having an actual recording of your calls, information such as the number and location of the call is also tracked, which helps marketers and sales teams better understand where the most leads are coming from. Having the ability to record the conversation is a great tool for sales and performance optimization as well.

Call tracking analytics provides in depth data that identifies repeat callers, the number of unique callers (and thus leads), area code frequency of calling, and even how long the call takes. Pairing this data with audio call recordings can be reviewed and compared to performance to get a better understanding of what makes a successful (or unsuccessful) sale and then used to strengthen each employee individually and the team as a whole.

All of this information can also be utilized for your marketing strategy. Many businesses use the convenience of call tracking in real-time by using “whisper messages” to learn about a caller before the call is answered and based on that data, the call can be redirected to the sales associate best suited to answer that call. This is a great way to increase closing numbers on leads as well as tweaking a marketing strategy to better leverage certain target audiences. Call tracking creates invaluable information for your business and you can have the power to harness it properly, but how exactly does it work in the grand scheme of things? How can it truly be incorporated into your marketing plan?

Utilizing The Power of Call Tracking

There are many reasons why you should be using call tracking and have it installed on your phone system, and it’s not a frustrating set up process or expensive. Here are several ways you can incorporate call tracking into your marketing plan right now:

  • Local Search Marketing. Once the system is set up and you’re ready to go, you can start tracking and incorporating a cohesive, well-rounded local search marketing strategy to your overall marketing plan. Tracking the results of local-marketing efforts can tell you how your business is performing from each source, ie Google Plus, Yelp, and so on, which can then guide your strategy moving forward. Local search is something many businesses tend to take for granted, especially ones that do most of their sales online. It can be a very good source of leads and LocalVox agrees when they discovered that it is eight times more effective to have an existing customer come back than trying to find a new one through local search. If you notice that a lot of call leads are coming from your Google Plus page, you may want to consider putting more time and energy into promoting your business there.
  • Increased Closing Rates. Are you looking to have better close rates with your leads? Utilizing call tracking will help with that. You can track the closing rates of your calls and compare the information with other leads such as search or paid advertising to see what discrepancies can be fixed or altered.
  • Customized Marketing Tactics. With a greater depth of knowledge of your target audience because of call data, you can create even better-customized marketing tactics that truly resonate with people. Pain points are very important to address in marketing material, but sometimes it’s not enough to get that final sale. Most leads these days want a customizable, personalized experience that is highly memorable.
  • New Marketing Goals. Every company is looking to have clearly defined marketing goals that always hit their marks, but doing so can be quite difficult without the right strategy, resources, and plan. Thankfully, call tracking can help redefine marketing goals so that they are easier to hit every single time. While you’re certainly gathering data about your leads right now, wouldn’t a bit more valuable data be even better?

Having all of this incorporated into your marketing plan is effortless for you. You can get setup in a matter of minutes and start getting the necessary data you need to boost your marketing and, in turn, your sales. Imagine being able to know exact locations of where most of your leads or sales are coming from and being able to leverage that for future marketing campaigns.

The possibilities of higher ROI, better sales goals, and generally better marketing are almost endless! And wouldn’t that make your job a little bit easier?