Improving Google Ads with a business communications and analytics platform

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This is a guest post by Seth Rand, Co-Founder and CEO at Wizard Digital. For over 18 years Seth has worked with thousands of businesses to offer custom, responsive website design, e-commerce website development and optimization, search engine optimization and marketing, pay per click campaign management, social media management, social media advertising, email marketing, online content marketing and more. Throughout his career, he has managed over $50 million in Google Advertising to help his clients achieve their business goals through digital advertising marketing.

For many businesses, call tracking software helps identify which marketing and advertising strategies are the most effective, especially for pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Call tracking is essential for a data-driven business because it reveals how and why companies succeed at making sales.

For example, when a customer calls a business that utilizes Google Ads, the business knows specifically which ad, campaign, or keyword got the customer’s attention and influenced them to call.

While Google Ads call tracking provides performance breakdowns by demographics and location, its functionality is still limited. Additional information is necessary to optimize marketing and accurately attribute sales. That's where CallRail’s business communications and analytics platform comes in.

CallRail’s Call Tracking allows businesses to analyze each phone call to more accurately qualify which calls count as a conversion. It also removes the need to manually listen to thousands of recorded calls when you power up Call Tracking with Conversation Intelligence. The advanced software records and reviews calls and can detect distinct details about a conversation.

In doing so, Conversation Intelligence provides more insight into phone conversations with customers, which can also help improve customer service and train staff. This AI (artificial intelligence) technology includes various features such as automated call transcriptions, call highlights, automation rules, and it picks up on keywords and conversation signals.

View of call recording and call transcriptions

Allowing AI to analyze calls is also a great way to expand your keyword list and attract new customers. With this information, companies will be able to measure their ROI and determine what exactly is driving quality phone calls.

Another specific way to optimize your ROI is to utilize Lead Center. With new apps, devices, and technologies constantly emerging, it can be difficult for small businesses to keep up with customer communications. Lead Center changes that by compiling all active and recent calls, texts, and chats into a single inbox.

When integrated with Google Ads, the CallRail platform documents the call time, PPC campaign, caller ID information, geographic location, last landing page visited, and detailed call conversion tracking. All of these tools allow businesses to gain a deeper understanding of call conversations and overall campaign performance, which ultimately saves money because companies can weed out the ads that don’t attract business and only spend money on the ads that are proven to be effective.

At my digital marketing agency, we have provided our clients with a new and unique strategic standpoint when it comes to their Google Ads. Now we can see exactly how many times the phone rang and make specific adjustments to the advertisement accordingly. Our clients gain the benefit of hearing the call recordings and utilizing call extensions, so their advertising budget doesn’t get used up with each “click.”

CallRail’s business communications and analytics platform helps businesses learn more about the mindset of their customers, and tailoring your ads to your audience will undoubtedly bring in more business and more money.