A successful marketing campaign is crucial to increasing your customer base and growing your business. With all of the marketing platforms at your disposal, it is common to use a multi-tiered strategy that leverages many of these platforms in order to attract the greatest number of leads. But how will you know which of your marketing campaigns are the most successful? If you have adopted an online marketing strategy, you most likely take advantage of the many analytics tools at your disposal to maximize the performance of your website, PPC landing pages, and other online marketing tools. But what about all the leads you receive via phone calls? Wouldn’t it be great to have the same kind of detailed, actionable data to determine which of your marketing campaigns are most effectively delivering phone leads? With call tracking, you can gather this information and much more.

How Call Tracking Works

Call tracking enables you to assign a different phone number to each of your marketing campaigns (online and offline). Each of these numbers will then be forwarded to your main business phone number, allowing your staff to answer as if the call were made directly to that line. By using call tracking, you can compare the phone traffic generated by each line in order to determine which of your marketing strategies are most effective and which are not yielding a satisfactory return on investment. You can also gather very comprehensive, detailed, and actionable information to improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Ultimately, this will help you get the most out of your marketing dollars.

Installing a Call Tracking System for Your Business

Installing a call tracking system is a quick and easy process. When you work with CallRail, we can have your tracking number set up in five minutes or less. We can then route your tracking numbers to your business phone instantly. You can choose a tracking number with your local area code or a toll-free tracking number. In addition, you can purchase as many tracking numbers as you need to monitor all of your marketing campaigns. This way, you can get a much clearer understanding as to where your leads are coming from. We also offer a feature called dynamic number insertion. When using website call tracking, we will provide you with a simple javascript code that your web developer can easily upload to your website. This code will replace the phone numbers on your website based on the pathway a visitor took to reach your site (for example, when they come to your site from a PPC landing page). This way, you can track your phone leads from each source of your online marketing campaign separately.

Benefits of Call Tracking

You can use call tracking to gather a wealth of important data that will help you optimize the performance of your marketing strategy. Some of the most valuable call tracking metrics you can evaluate include:

  • Number of calls – You can receive detailed reports about the number of calls you receive as well as trends and patterns associated with these calls.
  • Call duration – Find out which of your marketing strategies yield longer, more in-depth calls that are likely to result in a higher conversion rate.
  • Call time of day and location – Find out what time of day and which locations produce the most calls and largest percentage of conversions. This can be crucial when trying to maximize your budget for PPC campaigns.
  • PPC landing page performance – Track the performance of every PPC landing page you create. Call tracking can help you determine which landing pages generate the most calls, most quality leads, and best conversion rate.
  • Conversions – Track the number of conversions you achieve from each marketing campaign to gain a better understanding of how to most wisely spend your marketing budget.

In addition, you can use call tracking to evaluate the performance of your marketing team. Find out which members of your team convert the most leads. This data can be extremely valuable when deciding who should receive the most calls and who deserves a raise or promotion. You can also use this data to identify the most important training needs for your staff, ensuring your customers receive the highest quality service possible. You can also use keyword-level call tracking to find out which keywords are driving the most traffic to your site, both through organic search and PPC. This is extremely valuable in streamlining your online marketing efforts.

Other important services you receive when you use call tracking include:

  • Call recordingCall recording can be used to identify the ways in which your team excels with phone customer service as well as the areas that need improvement. This is one of the most effective training tools at your disposal.
  • Instant email notifications – Receive an email alert every time a call has been recorded so that you follow up on any missed calls right away or listen back to a call recording right after the call is finished.
  • Google Analytics and Ads integration – Integrate your call tracking data with your existing Google Analytics or Google Ads (formerly AdWords) accounts for a more complete picture of how your marketing strategies are working.

Finding the Right Call Tracking System

Fortunately, there are many call tracking service providers vying for your business. While this level of competition raises the level of service you can receive, it can also make choosing between these providers an overwhelming task.

Here are six important elements you should look for when choosing the right call tracking provider for your business:

  • Reliability – How quickly does the company address issues that arise? When something goes wrong, does the provider have backup systems in place to ensure your data is tracked and your calls are connected while the problem is being fixed?
  • Responsiveness – Does the provider offer 24/7 customer service and support to provide assistance as your questions or problems arise?
  • Value – Is the provider’s pricing reasonable for the services and features you are receiving?
  • Integrations – How easy is it for you to sync your call tracking data with other metrics you use? Effective call tracking systems should be able to integrate with platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, KISSmetrics, Salesforce.com, and many others.
  • Depth of inventory – Do you have the ability to choose tracking numbers from area codes throughout the country? Can you utilize toll free tracking numbers?
  • Documentation – Do you receive the documentation necessary to easily understand the features of your tracking system and how to use them effectively?

CallRail provides you with a call tracking system that is affordable, easy to use, and provides a wide range of services and data. We are happy to discuss your call tracking needs with you at any time, and we are confident that we can deliver an exceptional service that will help you optimize your marketing efforts.