How to Utilize Customer Call Data To Increase and Improve Sales

All companies collect some sort of customer data to help increase their sales by creating marketing campaigns that are more effective. Each company does this in a different way. Some use consumers’ browsing data or prior purchases to help market and recommend products, while others use newer techniques such as recording and logging calls to create a profile of each customer. All of these methods can be used to help improve and increase sales.

Why Collected Data Works

Collected data shows companies what the customer wants. If you track one of your customer’s purchases over time, you will learn what he or she wants or needs from your business. Using this information, you can make personalized suggestions of additional services or items based off this data. This allows you to market directly to your customer.

What You Can Get From Call Data

Generally, customer call data consists of various metrics:

  • Customer phone number
  • Time and date of call
  • Length of call
  • How many times that number has called before
  • The source of the marketing campaign
  • Keywords customers used to find your business
  • An audio recording of the full call

Phone logs are collected when customers call in to your business. These calls are logged and form a history of that customer with your company. You can even use logs to form a profile.

How the Data is Used

You can use this data to create a profile of what customers of certain ages and genders normally buy. Using this information, you can then market more effectively. When you target your advertisements and marketing to those who most benefit from your items or services, you are likely to increase sales.

Even logged calls can yield valuable information. When customers call in for any reason, you can keep track of each call and create a profile of your customers. Doing so will allow you to see the main reasons why each person calls in. Using this information can help direct calls to staff members who are best suited to handle that customers needs and to help give your staff a background they can use to suggest specific services to those customers.

How This Helps Your Business

Learning what your customer base wants and needs helps you in two ways. First, you will learn how to market effectively to the customers you have. Second, you will have a database where you can watch trends in sales and service. This helps you to market to new and potential customers. Moreover, anticipating what your customers need will help you give them the best service possible. Great service is the difference between repeat and referred customers and one-time customers and lagging sales.

Phone recordings are also a good way to provide training to sales staff on the right and wrong ways to handle calls.

Tracking customer data either online or by using call logging software may seem worrisome to consumers, especially due to recent NSA probes in the news. However, a majority of companies that collect this information do so to make their customers’ experience better, and to market their products to those who need them.