How to turn more calls into conversions & stop dropping the ball in the red zone

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This is a guest post by one of our agency partner's, Red Zone Legal Marketing. Red Zone Legal specializes in bridging the gap between leads and conversions by handling legal clients' first impression.

Attorneys study to practice law, not marketing and sales. Even so, focusing on digital marketing is a no-brainer these days for attorneys, and that focus can be expensive. Sometimes, it seems like the first step to launching a law firm is investing in SEO, lead generation, website design, or any kind of content convincing potential clients to call the office.

At Red Zone Legal, we help attorneys manage the fast-shifting world of digital marketing. 70% of potential clients who start their search for legal services online, contact a law office by phone, making this service a vital link to conversions.

Gone are the days of bus-stop ads and radio jingles, but phone calls are here to stay. After investing in a campaign you’re confident in, clients should start rolling in.

Maybe your phones are ringing off the hook, but have yet to see an uptick in cases. This can be frustrating because your advertising is paying off in inbound lead generation, but that last step towards conversion is the most difficult. You may overlook a final, very important step: how are your calls being handled? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the person who answers the call making a great first impression for the law firm?
  • Are they knowledgeable and able to answer questions?
  • Are they empathetic and conversational?
  • Are they able to explain the process involved?
  • Are they able to make the potential client feel reassured that this attorney can successfully handle their situation?

You’ve invested so much into this call that it’s vital to make sure potential clients don’t hang up the phone and go straight to Google to search for other attorneys. If they do, you’ve dropped the ball in the red zone, when you could’ve easily scored.

It’s time for a new game plan: Let your team focus on what they do best, and trust a specialist to handle first impressions.

At Red Zone Legal, we bridge the gap between leads and conversions. Our intake professionals and work closely with attorneys to tailor their calls to their specific needs.

We also have a secret weapon: call tracking software.

In an industry that relies on monitoring the nuances of human interaction, technology gives us an edge. Think of it as an easy way to connect with clients in our increasingly digital world.

Three ways to convert more calls with call tracking

We use call tracking software from CallRail. It’s revealed three ways firms could combine technology and a consultative approach to close more deals.

1. Learn from your conversations

The way this works is through call tracking married with sales training. We focus on multi-channel lead attribution to optimize ad spend. CallRail call tracking l creates total visibility. CallRail’s call recording feature lets you review the transcripts, enabling a feedback loop that helps us learn how to turn calls into cases.

Clients need to feel heard, especially when they’re reaching out to a lawyer. An attentive response will stand out against the industry’s common problem of long holds and distracted phone managers.

CallRail’s call transcription feature holds us to our promise of caring, empathy, and helpfulness. We know what happens when someone picks up the phone, and we make sure it leads to conversions.

2. Find the right partner to help you prioritize prospects

Customers let us know what information they want us to collect, what questions they want us to ask, and we will educate ourselves on their business in order to properly screen callers. Our intake process automatically prioritizes qualified callers.

Because our services extend to consultation for marketing strategy infrastructure, website optimization, operations, and SEO, we can see each contact a potential customer has made and make judgments accordingly.

This allows attorneys to focus on what they do best, practicing law, and leave the sales to us. We have doubled our closing rates (or better) for most of our clients.

3. Nurture prospects who aren’t ready to sign

In many areas of law, decisions are instantaneous. Long holds and poor customer service will lose you the case. Our specialized reception system ensures that those quick decisions are made in your favor.

When following up with a client, we can see patterns emerge over months. Out of every ten potential clients, two will call and retain, while eight will have called beforehand. Red Zone ensures the best customer service every time, and CallRail allows us to follow up so that when those clients are ready to close, they think about you first.

However, divorce law, bankruptcy, and other fields are not instant decisions. Clients shop around, which means tracking the customer journey is vital to getting the case. Red Zone’s follow up system shows clients you care.

Participating as an agency partner with CallRail strengthens our ability to provide insights into your leads. We can track and record calls, follow up on callers who “disappeared,” and provide analytics through the CallRail platform to ensure our attorneys are getting the optimum return on investment. We carry our leads through to the end zone, turning more calls into clients.

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