How call tracking helped one law firm amplify legal advertising performance — and improve client service

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About 56 percent of marketers believe that attribution is important, while 33 percent say it is paramount. When attribution is used in conjunction with customer service tools, companies will be in a great position to achieve their marketing goals. Personal injury law is one of the most competitive fields when it comes to advertising.

At Trendi Marketing, we used CallRail call tracking and marketing attribution to help Thompson Law become one of the top injury law firms in the Dallas Fort Worth area in just two years.

The importance of attribution for SEO and PPC campaigns

Companies have to try out different marketing techniques, methods, and platforms to be successful. It is also vital to measure channel and campaign performance to identify areas where you need to make improvements. Attribution is the backbone of SEO and PPC since it helps you to know what is working and what is not. Without attribution, you won’t know how your SEO and PPC campaigns are performing .

Considering the many channels, choices, and types of customers that businesses deal with, it can be challenging to decide where to focus your effort. Marketing attribution helps you qualify customer interactions with your brand and make reasoned conclusions to guide your efforts. When done correctly, SEO and PPC are some of the most effective ways to increase your visibility online. Attribution will enable you to improve your campaigns for enhanced brand exposure.

Which types of attribution helped Thompson Law

Trendi Marketing has been able to help Thompson Law become a major force in the Dallas Fort Worth area in just two short years. CallRail attribution played an important role in enabling us to achieve the set objectives. Here’s how we made use of different attribution models.

Understanding how people convert on PPC ads

To master PPC advertising, you have to understand your customers' purchase journey and behaviors. Once your ads are displayed, you will attract a variety of users. These different users will be searching an informational word, pain point, product term, and specific brand. A data-driven attribution model helped us identify how potential clients convert, which was critical in enabling us to focus our efforts and resources in guiding customers along the road to conversion.

Identifying negative keywords to filter out irrelevant clicks

SEO and PPC marketing campaigns are designed to help businesses drive website traffic. However, businesses are increasingly turning towards targeted marketing. Working with Thompson Law, we used attribution to collect relevant data that helped us discover and optimize campaign traffic. The focus should be on identifying keywords that attract irrelevant clicks from people who are not interested in your product. This way, you will be in a better position to spend smarter .

Making the most of valuable keywords

Anyone running an SEO or PPC campaign wants to realize a positive return on investment.Using data-driven attribution, we focused on finding the search term that delivered more conversions and whose cost per acquisition (CPA) was lower than the target CPA. We considered these to be valuable keywords that are effective at generating revenue. Based on the information we gathered using attribution, we assisted Thompson Law choose the right keywords to maximize revenue.

Identifying top-performing ads

To increase the chances of generating more leads, most people tend to have several PPC ads running simultaneously. However, it is important to optimize your budget so you get the most out of the resources available. We used CallRail keyword tracking to determine the top-performing ads and those that were not worth the expense. Our experts then suggested that the law firm invest more in the top-performing ads to increase ROI.

Optimizing their budget

Attribution provides crucial information about both ads and entire campaigns. This information makes it easy to measure and compare campaign performance from one to another. Just like with individual ads, you can shift your budget to maximize ROI on campaigns that are above your target and reduce spending on campaigns that perform poorly. By relying on CallRail attribution, we were able to make informed decisions with more confidence.

How call tracking data improved customer service

Apart from attribution, we also used call tracking data to enhance the law firm's customer service . When a company serves its customers well, they keep coming back and give positive feedback. This feedback helps to paint the company in good light, a factor that can improve SEO rankings. Below are some of the ways we elevated Thompson Law customer service.

Gaining customer service insights into customer service efforts

Call tracking data both attribution and customer service tools can help enable you to learn more about your customer service efforts. We used these two approaches to identify and track customer issues and responses. All the information was organized and well managed, making it easy to find and to run custom reports. This efficient handling of data enabled us to obtain insights into our customer service efforts, see the progress we had made, and find areas that needed improvement.

Efficiently handling customer requests

Considering stiff competition in personal injury law, one of the best ways of marketing a firm is to efficiently handle customer requests. Trendi Marketing helped Thompson Law grow by suggesting to keep track of customer emails and requests. We automated responses to acknowledge customer requests, ensuring that the communication was personal so that all clients felt valued.

Directing customer requests to the right person

To increase efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction, we used call routing to ensure that clients quickly got the information they needed. CallRail call routing lets you build custom call flows that take care of callers from the movement they’ve connected. It even lets you route callers to multiple phones and staffers at the same time. Before call routing, when a representative receives a request they can’t resolve , they have to repeat the same information to another rep who can. However, call routing ensured Thompson Law could direct customer requests to the right person. When professionals who can solve issues immediately, clients are served with speed and accuracy.

Responsive and consistent customer support

Trendi Marketing experts helped take full advantage of the features that call tracking offers. By simply going over the customer's profile, staff could access the history of interactions and all outstanding requests. Some tools make it easy to provide a self-service option that ensures round-the-clock customer support.

Scaling up service

Trendi Marketing uses call tracking for legal services to help businesses deliver and maintain high-quality service, making it easy to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. In essence, customer service tools also increase a business's capacity to support an enormous customer base effectively.