CallRail Now Integrates with Google Universal Analytics

Get Complete Conversion Data with our Google Universal Analytics Call Tracking Integration

Now CallRail integrates with Universal Analytics, a more complete way to report and analyze data in Google Analytics. This means you can track your calls next to your online and offline data with more insight into visitor interactions than ever before.

CallRail gives you the ability to close the gap between the results of your offline and online marketing efforts, now that’s even more powerful with the ability to merge your offline and online data in Universal Analytics. For example, you can now view your call tracking data alongside other granular visitor events, all in the Google Analytics dashboard. Also, Universal Analytics allows you to track a specific visitor for up to two years, allowing you to get a better picture of long term client behavior.

Benefits of Integrating with Universal Analytics

  • Get a holistic view of what behavior drives online visitors to call by viewing your CallRail data along with your other online and offline data (including page views and events across multiple devices)
  • Customize your analytics and tailor reports to the specific needs of your business, and create custom segments to analyze the activities of your callers
  • View a caller’s website activity before and after calling, giving you a clearer view of why online visitors call and giving you the ability to optimize your marketing campaigns
  • Create customized reports using information from all of the sources you’d like to track, including your calls, event data, and multiple other sources across multiple devices

Personalize your call tracking experience and get deeper insight into client behavior by integrating CallRail and Universal Analytics.