CallJoy is shutting down. What’s next?

CallJoy logo with a sunset in the background

On July 22nd, 2020, Google officially shut down CallJoy, their call tracking solution for small businesses. CallJoy was an Area 120 experimental project which ran for just over a year, launching in May of 2019.

Area 120 is Google’s experimental incubator of sorts, allowing employees to create and test out concepts and existing tools from different industries that prove to be necessities rather than niceties. While CallJoy is sunsetting like many of Google’s other projects throughout the years, Google’s entrance into the call tracking world made one thing very clear; call tracking is a necessity.

Today, phone calls are more important than ever. Customers call into businesses more frequently, making call tracking a vital component of competitive marketing practices. For CallJoy to disappear means that many small businesses, already struggling from the challenges of today, will be in need of call tracking tools. The abandonment of this project, intended to support small businesses in call tracking, will leave customers scrambling to cover for the loss of call tracking numbers and transcripts.

As CallJoy was a starting point for many small businesses to explore call tracking, this disruption will be a growth opportunity for business owners to build on their phone marketing.

What is the next step for CallJoy’s customers?

There are companies that do what CallJoy did and more. CallRail is one of them. Shifting from CallJoy to CallRail is the best move to not only replace lost service, but build on it. Where CallJoy was an operations tool meant to improve the efficiency of service, CallRail is a sales and marketing tool meant to improve customer acquisition.


Trusted by thousands of businesses like yours, we’ve got everything you love about CallJoy and more:

  1. Conversation Intelligence and insights that go beyond call actions and transcripts
  2. G2’s top-ranked Call Tracking tools that helps you market smarter
  3. Form Tracking that connects each ad, campaign, and keyword to every form fill

By switching from CallJoy to CallRail, customers don’t abandon the Google ecosystem. The setting stays consistent, because we integrate with Google Analytics and Google Adwords to provide even greater functionality. We even expand on the visibility of Google My Business’s call data with our lead-focused analytics integration. Our reporting insights build on what Google provides today.

The phone tracking numbers CallRail provides are yours to keep. Regardless of the path your business takes, the numbers are your own.

Even after your free trial is up, staying with CallRail is affordable. You’ll get access to support (in the form of free content and training webinars) to help you get the most our of your call tracking number, because data can’t help without the ability to interpret and act on it. There’s no excuse to let leads slip through the cracks.

Try CallRail free for a month and see the difference. Submit your most recent CallJoy invoice to to qualify for the extended free trial.