Google Analytics & CallRail: The most commonly used CallRail integration

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool that offers in-depth data and reporting on the acquisition, behavior, and conversion of website traffic. This tool can track…

  • How users get to a website (organic search, paid search, social, referrals, etc.)
  • What users do when on a site (what pages they visit, how long they spend on certain pages, and the order in which they visit the pages of your site)
  • How they become known leads (signing up for email, completing a contact form, or participating in a live chat)

How does the CallRail-Google Analytics integration work?

CallRail’s Google Analytics integration makes sure that any tracked calls are pushed into Google Analytics as an Event-based Goal. This way, if a potential client calls from a tracking number on your site, Google Analytics counts this as a single, unique goal completion. However, if a person calls a single tracking number multiple times, CallRail counts each instance of a call even if they originate from the same session.

This means that you can track call data simultaneously alongside your web traffic data. CallRail can also push both online and offline call conversion data to Google Analytics to allow for a more complete reporting experience, allowing users to see how their call goals and landing pages are performing.

CallRail users can decide if they want their Google Analytics integration to track all callers or just segments of callers. This can be useful for businesses who have support or success departments that need to be managed separately from their sales team. If new leads matter the most to you, you can track first-time callers only in Google Analytics to learn what percentage of your leads come from users who have never called before.

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What are the most common ways this integration is used, and why?

Google Analytics is the gold standard for digital reporting for how it gives marketers a high-level view of how their marketing initiatives are performing. Users can see calls as events in Analytics alongside other conversion metrics like form completions, chat initiations, and email signups. The integration allows for more customized reports for agencies, including a view of the caller’s behavior on your site before calling in.

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CallRail’s Google Analytics integration is used by over half of all CallRail clients. It’s also one of the easiest integrations to use for marketers who want to track calls in Analytics — users only have to supply their domains, no UID required. Once the integration is activated in CallRail, users can set up their Goals however they see fit.

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