Just using Call Tracking? Here’s what you’re missing.

By now, you probably know that CallRail Call Tracking does much more than its name implies.

You can use it to record, score, and forward calls. You can build call flows so customers and prospects always get routed to the right person at the right time. And you can track calls from online and offline sources, so you know which ads, keywords, and campaigns are working.

Powerful, right? Yes, but you’re missing out on a whole lot more.

You can also use CallRail to call, capture, and connect all your leads — all in one place. For example, did you know that CallRail can replace your phone system? Or that you can use it to send and receive texts and (soon) chats? Get transcripts of all your calls with AI-powered highlights? Or track your online leads in addition to calls?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, keep reading.

Call, text, and manage all your leads

It’s hard to keep up with leads when you’re busy serving customers. But when you miss calls, you miss revenue. Enter Lead Center.

It’s a unified business communications solution that compiles all your calls, texts, and online forms into a single inbox. You can use Lead Center to take and make make calls, plus send texts from your tracking numbers, either alongside or in place of your existing phone system. At a glance, you’ll be able to see your business's incoming, active, and recent calls or messages.

But more importantly, when you miss calls or messages, Lead Center lets you respond to them in a single click. Plus, our iOS and Android smartphone apps let you reach or respond to leads — and take and make calls. Your customers will think you’re in the office, wherever you are.

CallRail LC screengrab

Lead Center also delivers context that can help you make the most of every opportunity: a history of each contact’s interactions with your business. You’ll know who customers and prospects spoke with at your business, and when. You’ll have notes and lead status from every call, text, or form submission at your fingertips.

Long story short, when a lead’s ready to talk, so are you.

Additional features help managers deliver excellent customer experiences. They can monitor or join live calls, and with “warm transfers,” both agents and managers can discreetly deliver timely information to agents before they pick up.

Get transcripts of all your calls — and AI-powered insights

With Call Tracking, you get recordings of all your calls. Conversation Intelligence takes it two steps further by transcribing your conversations and using artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically surface key findings and highlights from them.

Conversation Intelligence screen grab

First, Conversation Intelligence collects and compiles call data. Then AI creates word clouds and bar graphs that make it easy to follow call trends, highlights, and insights. AI also enables Key Term Spotting functionality.

With Key Term Spotting, AI scans calls for terms and phrases that matter to you and your business. Let’s say you operate a Heating and Air Conditioning company, and you’re running a Spring tune-up promotion. Instead of spending hours with call recordings or transcriptions, you can automatically tag every mention of “tune-up,” pull a report, and monitor the impact of your promotion over time — or in real time.

automation rules screen grab

To get started, click a preset Automation Rule to automatically highlight leads that meet your criteria as “qualified,” immediately flag customers that say certain words as “unhappy,” and more. You can also customize Automation Rules or select key terms and phrases that are unique to your industry.

Yes, AI and automation can save you a lot of time. But they can also save you a lot of frustration and money by helping you fine-tune the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Connect online and offline reporting and analytics

Call Tracking lets you know which ads, keywords, or campaigns are sources of customer calls. To know which marketing tactics led customers to submit a form, get Form Tracking. Combined, Call Tracking and Form Tracking deliver advanced attribution and analytics, so you can make more informed decisions about your marketing mix — and investment.

from tracking screen grab

Here’s how: You launch a marketing campaign that includes digital ads and a billboard. When someone clicks on an ad and fills a form on your website, you’ll get an alert with lead details. If the same person dials the number you list on the billboard, Call Tracking plus Form Tracking connects both touchpoints into a timeline you’ll have at your fingertips when you take their call.

Now, imagine having a similar timeline for every contact and every interaction.

What’s more, you can contact your leads as soon as they click “submit” on one of your website’s forms. Our Quick Response feature will call your lead back on the number provided in the form submission, and route the call to your tracking number simultaneously.

That’s the power of Form Tracking.

What’s right for your business?

So now what? To make the most of your marketing data, we recommend using all four of products together. The chart below shows how they complement and enhance each other.

Got questions or need help? Click here to set up a free consultation and get more out of CallRail. And if you want to turn on these features today, you can head your Account Settings to get started.

CallRail Upsell Chart