Get the Most out of Call Tracking with your Google Ads Final URLs

In July of 2015, Google Ads (formerly AdWords) will be releasing Upgraded URLs, allowing marketers and advertisers more insight to their campaigns. With this change comes new tracking parameters, faster load and crawl times, as well as the ability to keep your tracking history for your ads without sending them for review every time a change is made to your URL. What does this mean for my CallRail tracking numbers? We’re excited about this change because it means that you’ll have the power to see more information about your callers in third-party analytics services, like CallRail. To help you prepare for this change within Ads, we’ve come up with the perfect call tracking URL formula, to maximize the data you’ll receive within the Call Details Page on your CallRail dashboard:


This parameter string will give you the following information regarding your Ads campaigns:

Source, Medium, Keyword(s), Match Type, Network, Ad Position, Device

Then, when a visitor calls your business following an online search, we’ll automatically parse out this information, and present it to you in an easy-to-read format on your Call Details page. Of course, you can include any ValueTrack parameter that’s best for your campaign– we’ll include those as well in your Call Details Page.

Take control of your campaigns, and get the most out of your data– upgrade your Google Ads URLs today.