adwords_logo Google rocked the search marketing world with their recent announcement that they would no longer include user search queries in referring URLs. This means websites and third-party analytics tools no longer have direct access to search query data — but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find out which search queries drove phone call conversions.

CallRail will show you the keyword within your dashboard, and with our Google AdWords integration, you can still discover which search queries are driving call conversions.

(Quick refresher: The “search term” (or “search query”) is the actual term that a user types into a Google search box. The “keyword” is the term that you’re bidding on within Google AdWords. For example “buy cheap blue shoes in atlanta” might be a search term, and that might match to the keyword “atlanta blue shoes” in your AdWords account.)


The Search Term report is available in Adwords

search_term_reportYes, search terms are still available within Google Adwords. To view the search terms that trigger your ads, go to the “Keywords” tab within AdWords, select “Details”, and then select “Search Terms – All”. The report will show the specific search terms that trigger your ads.

Next, add the “Conversions” column to this report and then choose “Segment -> Conversions -> Conversion Name”. This will show you how many of each type of conversion have been triggered for your callers.

See the search terms driving call conversions

segment_conversionIf you’ve been reporting phone call conversions to Google AdWords using our integration, then you’ll still be able to see which specific search terms are driving conversions — in addition to being able to see the keywords from directly within the CallRail dashboard.

If you’d like to unlock the search terms that are driving your call conversions, let’s talk. ¬†We’d love to help.

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