Get Client Insight and Improve Customer Service with Whisper Messages

Get Insight with CallRail Whisper Messages

Whisper Messages are short messages that play before a call is connected. The person calling does not hear the message, the message is only played for the person answering the phone. This powerful knowledge gives you real-time feedback into which marketing campaigns are driving calls and, more importantly, it gives you an informational head start that helps your team close more business.

Whisper Messages let you know what  marketing campaign prompted a call, allowing you to be proactive when providing information and helping you to tailor your approach for each individual caller, even before the call begins.

Whisper messages not only allow you to get proactive with calls, but they can also lower your cost per call through more efficient customer support. According to The Impact of Technology on Contact Center Performance research study, conducted by Benchmark Portal and sponsored by Cisco, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) services like call whisper messages result in more effective customer interactions, lowering the cost per call by as much as 35% and dropping the average waiting time between phone calls between 12% and 43%.

More importantly, the research found that low cost per call and higher customer satisfaction are not mutually exclusive when advanced call technologies are applied.

How to Use CallRail’s Whisper Messages

With CallRail, it’s easy to set up Whisper Messages and get insight into what a caller wants before you pick up the phone. You can set up whisper messages to tell you where your caller is calling from, as well as what specific campaign drove the call. With CallRail visitor-level call tracking, the whisper message can provide insight into what keywords the caller used to reach your site.

For example, you’re the Director of Marketing for a Salon Spa and you are running a brand new marketing campaign with three different marketing channels:

  • You run an advertisement in a local directory for 30% off a clients first massage treatment.
  • You disperse a direct mailer with a free facial with your second massage promotion.
  • You run a radio advertisement promoting a discounted membership plan for the month of your campaign.

You assign a different call tracking phone number to each marketing channel and use that phone number within the campaign. You also assign a different whisper message to each call tracking phone number as well. So, if a potential client calls the tracking number from the radio promotion the whisper message could be customized to say “Radio Campaign” allowing you to tailor the conversation to the particular promotion before you pick up the phone. Implementing whisper messages in your campaign also makes it easy to collect data on which channels worked the best, making it easy to track your ROI and optimize your marketing budget.

Benefits of Using CallRail’s Whisper Messages

1. Get to the point with more efficient call times –  Whisper messages enable you to get more proactive with your calls, now that you know what a caller wants before you pick up, you no longer need to ask marketing questions that take time away from the main purpose of the call.

2. Increase productivity and increase sales – With whisper messages you don’t have to waste time asking questions like what prompted the caller to call or what campaign they’re calling from, and reduced call handling times means you can get more done and close more deals.

3. Improve customer service – You can personalize your approach to the specific reason the caller is calling, enabling you to conduct a more focused and tailored call without wasting time asking questions that are of no interest to the caller

4. Track the ROI of your marketing campaigns – Whisper messages let you know exactly what campaign a caller is calling from, making it easy to collect accurate data on your marketing campaigns and see the effectiveness of particular marketing channels.