What is AdWords?

AdWords is the advertising platform Google provides for running ads on the Google search engine results page. Advertisers bid on specific keywords and then any queries that contain those keywords in some shape or fashion triggers ads to show up.


How does the AdWords integration with CallRail work?

CallRail’s AdWords integration works by using access to the AdWords API (application programming interface), to work directly with AdWords to make setting up phone call conversion tracking an easy two step process.

  1. Add the CallRail script to your website
  2. Connect your CallRail account to AdWords and flip the switch.

Once this is done, a new conversion for “Phone Call” is created in AdWords and an advertiser can see which keywords, ads and campaigns are driving calls on their site.


Why do people typically use it?

People typically use the integration for one big reason: it’s frankly easier than setting up call conversion tracking any other way. Yes, you can set up custom goals in Google Analytics, but that’s not necessary with this integration. What was previously a multi-step process almost becomes one-step, and with the increasingly large number of tasks a digital marketer is managing, saving time is always welcome.


What are some examples of CallRail customers using the AdWords integration?

Well I use the integration for one. As an AdWords user, running advertisements for CallRail, it’s invaluable for me to easily set up and see phone calls I generate, populate in AdWords. Which keywords are driving the most calls? What kind of ads are driving more calls than others? Getting answers to these sorts of questions allows me to better understand my campaign performance so I can modify them accordingly. Whether that’s to increase or in some cases decrease phone calls.


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