Geographically Route Calls Based on Location

If your company serves multiple geographic areas, or has multiple locations that serve different areas, ensuring callers reach the right person on the other end of the phone line can prove difficult. Your clients don’t enjoy being put on hold and transferred, or having to repeat the same information time and time again from agent to agent.

In order to eliminate these inefficiencies and increase customer service, a crucial component in your phone call strategy should be effective call routing. That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of Geo-Routing – a new step in CallRail’s Call Flow Builder to help you route your incoming calls based on the caller’s geographic location. Geo-Routing helps you send your customers to where they need to go, in the most optimal fashion.

Flexible, Location-based Call Routing

With this advanced call distribution tool, you can choose where you want your incoming calls to be routed based on the location of the caller. Choose to route callers either by the area code provided within their caller ID, or have them manually enter the zip code of where they are located.

Nested inside the Call Flow Builder, simply enter the specific area codes or zip codes that correspond to your business locations and calls will flow the way each location wants their business to run in separate Call Flow branches. CallRail’s Geo-Routing also offers backup routing, so callers out of your defined service areas can route to a default number of your choice.

Run Reports by Location

Combine Geo-Routing with CallRail’s powerful call tags and reports to detect patterns and opportunities quickly. Analyze your phone calls by location to see which of your locations are closing the most deals, who is getting the largest volume of high-quality callers and what marketing sources these callers are coming from. 

Get Started with Geo-Routing Today

CallRail’s geographic-based call routing is completely customizable by you and easy to update. To get started, navigate to the Call Flow Builder and select the Geo-Routing step.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 12.49.59 PM

  1. Select to route the caller based on their caller ID’s area code, or ask your callers to manually enter their zip code using the keypad.
  2. Start adding the zip codes or area codes associated with each location.
  3. Define the destination numbers or routes for each location-based agent or dealer.
  4. Set up backup routing rules for callers not in your specified territories.
  5. Start receiving and routing calls instantly!
  6. If you ever need to make changes or updates, you can do so at your own convenience by updating the call flow.

Ready to start using Geo-Routing? Read our support article to learn how to activate our geographic-based call-routing today.

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