Digital Agency Geek Powered Studios Saves $1,000 a Month by Switching to CallRail

Geek Powered Studios is an award-winning digital marketing company based in Austin, Texas. They serve more than 70 small and medium-sized businesses. For them, call tracking has always been a way to prove their value and directly tie efforts back to the revenue they’re driving for clients. The majority of the businesses they serve rely on phone calls to grow their business, so tracking online activity alone was not an option.

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Initially, Geek Powered Studios implemented call tracking through Mongoose Metrics which was later acquired and rebranded as DialogTech. However, they were unhappy with the offering and started looking for alternative solutions.

Along with structure that would allow them to grow while maintaining sensible pricing options, Geek Powered Studios wanted a user-friendly experience, the option to use a mobile app to track calls for clients on the go, and a HIPAA compliance feature for their growing number of healthcare clients.


After viewing CallRail’s feature set and learning about their pricing plans, Geek Powered Studios decided to leave DialogTech.

“Once I discovered all the features CallRail had to offer, I immediately saw how little our current service was actually providing. CallRail is super easy to setup and our new team members are able to quickly get used to it, as compared to longer set-up and training time spent with Dialogtech,” said Guillermo Ortiz, Founder of Geek Powered Studios.

Now, Geek Powered Studios gets the benefit of CallRail’s mobile app, HIPAA compliant offering, and is able to provide more transparency when reporting to clients.

“The majority of our clients are service based and get more calls than form fill outs. Transparency is important to us so when a client says their phone isn’t ringing, Google analytics and CallRail are the first places we check,” said Ortiz.

CallRail has also given them the opportunity to quickly report results to clients.

“I was not only blown away at the ease of use of CallRail for setting campaigns, but also for our clients. It’s easy for clients to access their dashboards and understand their call data so we’re all looking at the same data,” said Ortiz.


Proving Value for Clients

Through implementing CallRail, Geek Powered Studios uncovered multiple internal problems for clients that were getting in the way of them running successful marketing campaigns.

“We’ve uncovered so many internal problems for clients such as sales staff stealing leads, not answering the phones, etc. Bringing light to these issues positions us as a strategic partner to our clients and that is invaluable,” said Ortiz.

Geek Powered Studios was also able to use CallRail to show their clients exactly how many calls they were driving for them.

“When the ad extension tracking feature was rolled out we were blown away at how much we had been underreporting lead counts to clients. One particular client was underreporting calls by 455%! The client was already happy, so this was just icing on the cake for us,” said Ortiz.

Switching and Saving

One of the main reasons Geek Powered Studios decided to move to CallRail was a flexible pricing structure that allowed them to comfortably grow their clients and call volume while tracking their calls.

Switching to CallRail has given Geek Powered Studios the opportunity take advantage of tracking features that not only come standard, but free. Before CallRail, they had issues scaling with DialogTech based on their growing minutes, a call recording fee, and an extra 7% regulatory fee based on total usage. According to Ortiz, the switch to CallRail has driven a savings of $12,000 a year.

“We were very unhappy with DialogTech’s pricing as we grew and they did not try to work with us. Since switching to CallRail, we’ve saved close to $1,000 a month on costs,” said Ortiz.

Geek Powered Studios is a CallRail Gold Agency Partner. Agencies that join the Partner Program are eligible for co-marketing benefits like this, along with webinars and guest posts. Interested in joining the Partner Program? Sign up here.