In Their Own Words: Customers Review CallRail for Call Tracking

Hunting for a marketing vendor is not easy. It’s hard to decide which platforms have the features you need and which just have great sales pitches. It’s easy to fall for one if you aren’t using a reliable checklist.  Recently, we presented a webinar that covered what questions to ask before you select a marketing vendor in a previous post, and one of the criteria we mentioned is to read reviews left by actual customers.

G2 Crowd is a highly respected review website that helps marketers do just this. We know how important customer reviews are in the decision making process, that’s why we’re sharing reviews left by real CallRail customers on G2 Crowd. Take it straight from the source and see why we are ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction for Call Tracking.

What Stands Out to Call Analytics Customers?

  • Ease of set up: Being up and running in a matter of minutes is important to busy marketers. With our user friendly interface, users can start tracking phone calls and creating reports immediately.
  • Integrations: The number of integrations we have always ranks high on the list of features our customers rave about. Our top integrations include Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and Analytics, Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, and Slack. We also offer integrations with more than 700 other tools that marketers use most.
  • Helpful customer service: Our customer service team is dedicated to setting our customers up for success right from the start.
  • Customizable plans: There’s a plan for everyone. Our free trial allows marketers to see just how powerful their analytics can be before committing. Once users understand the benefits of call tracking with CallRail and become customers, they like having month to month contracts that allows them flexibility to upgrade their plan when they find their needs have changed.

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What problems do our customers have that CallRail helps to solve?

  • Across the board, our customers value CallRail because it helps them fill in the data gap when a prospect chooses to call for more information rather than peck out their details on a landing page.
  • Customers have the visibility into their marketing spend by being able to finally prove campaign ROI. This allows marketers to invest their dollars into high converting campaigns, taking out the guesswork that comes from incomplete data.

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We optimize for happiness at CallRail and that shines through in the work we do and the product we build. If you are looking into call tracking for your business, take a look at reviews from our customers here at G2 Crowd.