More wins for CallRail: G2 Fall 2021 Placements

Illustrated gold medal

Thanks to our customers, CallRail just keeps improving and hitting new achievements. We’ve made new strides in the G2 Fall 2021 Report in Contact Center Operations, VoIP, Attribution, Lead Capture, Marketing Analytics, Inbound Call Tracking, Online Form Builder, and Conversation Intelligence categories.

This is CallRail’s first time appearing on any VoIP category, and we’re in the “leader” section of the small business VoIP grid. But even more, this marks our 15th straight quarter as the #1 inbound call tracking provider, and we’ve also crossed the 1,000 review threshold!

And speaking of reviews, we always love to hear about how we’re helping our customers. Here are a few to highlight the work we’re doing:

“What I like best about CallRail is how much information it gives you at your fingertips. Being able to see the source of calls (organic, PPC, direct, etc.) makes it easy to see if things are working. Also, the fact that you can see details like their original landing pages, PPC keywords, and more is like a Marketing Manager’s dream.”

- Tyler W, Marketing Manager

“CallRail has proven to be an invaluable resource to me and my clients. It’s powerful data that is useful in a number of ways. The ROI is definitely there — well worth the investment. What I like best is listening to the recorded calls with my clients. It’s educational on several levels.”

- Mike B, Director of Customer Success

“CallRail has finally given us the ability to understand our business. We know where leads are coming from, so now we have built systems to understand who our best clients are, which of our marketing channels are actually profitable, and how much. It helps us know immediately if something is wrong with a channel because we know how it should behave. We love CallRail, and I tell all my friends who really care about building a business about it.”

- Ryan M, Attorney

As we continue to grow, we look forward to helping our customers grow and succeed. Once again, we thank our customers for their continued support, and here’s to many more accomplishments in the future!