What do marketers really want? Marketing tools that get the job done.  At CallRail, we use a few different tools for our email communications, some of our favorites are highlighted below.


It all starts with a great email platform. We use MailChimp because it is powerful and easy to use. Not only can we send our emails out quickly, but we’re also able to customize virtually every aspect of the email. The drag and drop template builder makes designing emails simple – perfect for marketers with little to no coding experience. MailChimp also provides analytics like click rate, open rate, top links clicked, and subscribers with the most opens. Check out some of their other reporting features here.

More Features We Love From MailChimp:

  1. Easy list uploads
  2. List segmentation
  3. A/B testing capabilities

Google Analytics

Using UTMs and Google Analytics allows us to measure traffic from sites where we share content. So, whether you are monitoring webinar registrations, views to page, or downloads, UTMs act as an indicator of what content in your emails are driving the most interactions. You’ll be able to view what content drove people to your website by going to Acquisition > All Traffic > Source / Medium in your Google Analytics dashboard.


If you’re a marketer on a strict budget, free tools can be a lifesaver.  Canva’s free edition comes with everything you need to create beautiful images for your email campaign. With simple tutorials, even the most novice of users can leverage Canva with zero design experience.

Reasons We Love Canva:

  1. Free templates, backgrounds, images, and icons
  2. Export image to pdf, png, or jpeg
  3. Upload your own images to design
  4. Easy to use
  5. Did I mention that it’s free?

Call Tracking

Tracking clicks is easy with email marketing, but what happens when your recipient picks up the phone to call you? If you aren’t using call tracking, all the hard work of setting up your campaign, designing your images just so, and wordsmithing your text until it’s perfect, all go out the door because you are not tracking the call. That’s where call tracking is important. By assigning a phone number to your email campaign, you’ll be able to keep the integrity of your reporting because the lead attribution will be captured and your data complete.

This tool is vital for marketers whose target market is people on the go. Having a mobile-friendly email design will make it all too easy for your audience to dial the number right out of your email. Now, with call tracking implemented, not only will your sales team get the prospect on the phone faster but your chances of conversion just increased, and you, brilliant marketer, will have the data to prove it was your email that drove the call. Give our five-minute demo a shot to learn just how easy it is to get started with CallRail and see what marketing campaigns are driving converting leads!

The Send is Not the End

In most cases, hitting “SEND” is just the beginning. Managing replies, bounced emails, and unsubscribes is just as important as creating the email, understanding what worked and what didn’t, and how to optimize for next time. Revisit your goals and see how your email performed! Share your favorite tools for data-driven email marketers in the comments below!

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