Better Form Tracking with CallRail’s new inclusive bundles

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Last June, CallRail rolled out our new Form Tracking product as we expand into an all-in-one analytics platform. We’ve added powerful new functionality to now provide marketers with complete multi-touch attribution for calls, texts, and form submissions (an additional $50/month) – functionality previously unavailable in the form tracking product included in call plans.

To accommodate our new all-in-one packages, we are sunsetting our legacy form tracking offering on May 20, 2020. The new form tracking functionality is now available on the Marketing Analytics and Analytics Suite bundles. For many early adopters of this product, we provided a complimentary trial to test the new offerings. Customers must opt in to keep (or add) the new form tracking functionality by May 20, 2020.


Q: What happened to Forms Lite? And Forms Essentials?

Simply put, there’s now only one form tracking product – CallRail Form Tracking. Form Tracking is now an inclusive product in our Marketing Analytics and Analytics Suite bundles.

Q: I’m on a Forms Lite plan, how will I be impacted?

Current customers that have an active Forms Lite plan are on our former form tracking plan, with only some of the functionality. Upgrade to your form tracking plan by 5/20/20 to unlock multi-touch attribution and additional functionality.

Q: I’m on a Forms Legacy or Essentials plan, how will I be impacted?

Forms Legacy plans are grandfathered on the new form tracking plan until 5/20/20. Customers will need to opt-in to the Marketing Analytics or Analytics Suite bundles to continue using the new Form Tracking functionality. If you do not opt in to the new form tracking offering by 5/20/20, form tracking will be removed from your account.

Q: What happens to my form submission data if I forget to opt in by May 20, 2020?

Don’t worry, your data will still be available even if you upgrade your package package after 5/20/2020. You must upgrade to the Marketing Analytics or Analytics Suite bundle to unlock the data.

Q: What’s the difference between what I was getting with Forms Lite and the new form tracking features in the Marketing Analytics and Analytics Suite plans?


Q: Can Form Tracking be purchased standalone?

No, as of 2020, Call Tracking is the only product that can be purchased individually. Form Tracking has to be purchased through the Marketing Analytics or Analytics Suite plans.

Q: If I’m a current customer, who can I talk to about this?

  • For CallRail Agency Partners, contact your Advisor directly or via
  • For customers with a dedicated CallRail customer success account manager contact Matt Sellers at
  • For all other customers that are currently using Call Tracking contact
  • For general support inquiries, submit a ticket here.

Opt-in to the Marketing Analytics or Analytics Suite plan to trace form submissions back to your marketing efforts.