Watch: Easily find important keywords from your call conversations


CallRail’s powerful suite of conversation intelligence tools digs deep into every call so you don’t have to. These AI-powered features are capable of transcribing every call to your business, scoring those calls, and finding the keywords you care about most. This helps to inform how you craft marketing and advertising campaigns, how you write your sales scripts, and even how you price your products and services, all based on the phone conversations your business is having.

Looking to track specific key terms in your calls? Learn more about CallRail’s Automation Rules feature.

The newest addition to our conversation intelligence toolbelt arrived in January and has been a real “highlight” around the CallRail office.

Call Highlights listens for relevant keywords in each of your calls and lists them in the caller timeline next to your full transcription. No matter what kind of business you operate, Call Highlights cuts through the weeds to find the words and phrases that you should be listening to. If you see something interesting, you can simply click on any of your highlighted keywords and snap right to that point in the call recording and transcription.

Best of all, Call Highlights is included with the price of Transcriptions and requires no direct setup. Just activate Transcriptions on your account and Call Highlights is immediately activated for all future calls.

We could spend all day telling you how excited we are about Call Highlights, but we thought we’d show you instead. Watch as we go hands-on with this exciting feature and demonstrate just how simple it is to start tracking your Call Highlights today.

Start leveraging powerful tools like Call Highlights in your marketing efforts today, free of charge, with a 14-day trial of CallRail –– no credit card required. You can also request a demo from one of our in-house call tracking experts.