Introducing CallRail’s Facebook Integration

It’s no secret that Facebook marketing is an integral part of any data-driven marketer’s playbook. Just last quarter, Facebook reported marketers spent over $9 million in advertising on their network. And with the launch of Facebook’s Call Now button nearly 2 years ago, phone call and text message conversions from Facebook have been growing. BIA/Kelsey estimates that by 2020, phone calls from native social networks will hit nearly 35 billion.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce CallRail’s most recent integration with Facebook. Using the Facebook Offline Conversion API, marketers will be able to quickly and easily sync their phone call and text message lead data into Facebook’s Business Ads Manager.

Track Call and Text Conversions from Facebook Ads

Although CallRail has always been able to track phone calls driving by Facebook ads, attributing them to exact clicks within Facebook’s Business Ads Manager used to require a complex custom-coded plugin or hours of tedious exports and comparisons of data sets – but those days are over. With CallRail’s Facebook Integration, you’ll be able to view calls, texts, and form conversions inside the Ads Manager alongside click data.

With this holistic view of how your social ads are performing, you can more effectively optimize your ads to find more high-value customers and leads. CallRail conversions will be reported at the campaign, ad, and ad set level so you can determine which are driving valuable leads for your business.

Automatic Custom Audience Creation

CallRail’s integration with the Facebook Business Ads Manager also allows our users to automatically sync Custom Audiences from phone calls, text messages, and form fill-outs. You can use these specialized custom audiences to create Lookalike Audiences of entirely new leads, optimize ad spend by excluding past callers from seeing ads intended for new leads, or retarget past customers with fresh ads to drive more conversions.

View-through Conversions to Accurately Measure Facebook Ad Performance

Do you know the impact of your social marketing? Once you activate CallRail’s Facebook Integration, view-through conversions from your Facebook ads will begin reporting in the Impressions column of Ads Manager. These are leads who previously saw one of your advertisements on Facebook, but did not directly click the ad; they then came through via another marketing channel and placed a call. With CallRail for Facebook, you can attribute credit to the Facebook ad that influenced the eventual phone call conversion.

CallRail’s new Facebook Integration will give marketers seamless access to valuable phone call metrics inside of Facebook. Whether your goal is to grow your audience or drive more sales, you can now do that with the power of integrated phone call analytics and social marketing.

To get started with CallRail’s integration with Facebook, view our support documentation or sign-up for a 14-day free trial today!