20 Plumber advertising examples & why they work

People average 3 hours and 43 minutes on their phones each day as they use social media, search the web, and stream videos. On top of that, they spend nearly the same amount of time watching TV.

To keep your plumbing company’s name in front of potential customers, you need an advertising strategy that spans multiple channels. These examples will help you master the fundamentals of plumbing advertising for search engines, television, direct mail, and more.

SEM Plumber Advertising: 5 Google Ad Ideas to Stand Out in SERPs

Placing paid ads on search engine results pages (SERPs) is known as search engine marketing, or SEM. When done right, SEM is a powerful form of advertising. AdEspresso points out that local searches on mobile devices have as high as an 80% conversion rate.

You’ll likely need to experiment with the different types of display advertising Google places on its results pages to find what works. The examples below will help get started so you’ll have an easier time using the Google Ads platform.

1. Own a Common Problem (San Diego Plumbing and Pipelining)

San Diego Plumbing and Pipelining’s ad shows up when people in its service area search for “leaky pipe” or a related term. The ad succeeds because it works several variants of the phrase “leaky pipe” throughout the copy. search-query-plumbing-issues It starts with the landing-page address, which contains “water-leak” and “pipe-repair.” The headline adds “leaking water pipes” and “pipe leak.” The meta description, the text below the headline, then repeats the words.

2. Earn Trust by Anticipating Questions (Mr. Rooter)

This ad from Mr. Rooter is tailored to customers searching for “plumber.” A high-level overview of Mr. Rooter’s selling points works here because “plumber” is such a broad term. The ad plays up trust with phrases such as “We’re licensed and insured” in the headline and “Workmanship and parts guaranteed” in the meta description. local-ad-for-plumbing The ad also preemptively answers questions customers might have. Note the text “We never charge overtime fees” and “Multiple payment options.”

3. Relieve Customers’ Anxieties (Roto-Rooter)

Roto-Rooter opts for a timely angle with this ad. Like Mr. Rooter’s ad above, it targets customers searching for “plumber.” But instead of focusing on high-level selling points, Roto-Rooter shows how they’ve adapted their services for COVID-19. The ad emphasizes details such as:

  • Service calls will maintain a safe distance and zero contact.
  • Plumbers will wear protective PPE.
  • All points touched will be disinfected.


The inclusion of a discount also shows compassion for homeowners financially impacted by the pandemic.

4. Show, Don’t Tell (Restoration 1)

Restoration 1’s ad demonstrates how using simple, specific language creates a clear picture in customers’ minds. Instead of a vague statement like “Quick service,” Restoration 1 shows when they’ll arrive with “45-minute response time.” The same goes for “moisture inspection with thermal camera to find hidden water leaks.” Search-ad-for-plumbing-2 Restoration 1 even applies a show-don’t-tell philosophy to how it collects payment with “We bill insurance direct.”

5. Back Your Ads Up with a Google Guarantee

Google Guarantee ads are available to businesses that pass the Google Local Services screening and qualification process. If you qualify, your paid ads will show at the top of the results page with a “Google Guaranteed” badge as social proof. Search-Query-for-Plumber There’s a budget-friendly alternative to the Google Guarantee, too. Small businesses that aren’t already part of the Google Local Service Ads (LSA) program can get badging and backing similar to Google Guarantee for $50 per month.

TV Plumber Advertising: 5 Commercial Ideas for Getting Calls

With people spending nearly four hours per day both watching televsion and using their smartphones, TV and video ads keep your name in front of your customers’ eyes. See how plumbing companies create high-performing TV ads (and YouTube ads) by breaking down the approaches these examples take.

1. Be memorable and Humorous (Roto-Rooter)

Roto-Rooter’s commercial tells a relatable story in a humorous way. What starts as a couple’s romantic date quickly unfolds into the reality of dealing with a clogged toilet. Plumbing-tv-ad TV commercials like these have been a staple of Roto-Rooter’s advertising. In fact, the company maintains an archive of its commercials as far back as the 1970s.

2. Use Clear Voiceover and Imagery (ARS/Rescue Rooter)

ARS/Rescue Rooter’s commercial demonstrates how clarity is key in a commercial. Its strong, simple voice-over work catches viewers’ attention quickly. ars-plumbing-tv-spot Not only is the voice-over work easy to follow, but so are the visuals that play behind it.

3. Tell a Story (Mr. Rooter Plumbing)

This commercial from Mr. Rooter shows the power of storytelling even in a short time. It flashes through different generations of families, creating a subtle narrative around how plumbing creates the comfort we feel at home. mr-rooter-tv-ad The voice-over then connects Mr. Rooter’s legacy with the feeling of family, weaving in phrases such as “And after 50 years,” “We’re your neighbor,” and “We’ll be there.”

4. Grab Attention Right Away (Jolly Plumbing)

Jolly Plumbing’s 15-second YouTube ad quickly snags viewers’ attention with sharp drum taps and graphics that fly in with the beat. It sets a tone that lets us know the ad will be short and snappy.

Jolly Plumbing then pokes fun at itself, leaving viewers laughing — and more likely to remember Jolly Plumbing.

5. Appeal to Your Ideal Customer (Reckon & Reckon Plumbing)

This YouTube ad from Reckon & Reckon Plumbing targets the company’s ideal customer by playing up a cliche about plumbers. You can probably guess what it is. Will some customers find that off-putting? Sure, but the upside is that those who appreciate Reckon & Reckon’s sense of humor will be more likely to call.

Inbound Plumber Advertising: 4 Content Ideas that Drive Clicks

Paid advertising is an example of outbound marketing. You push ads in front of viewers to get their attention. Inbound marketing works in the opposite way. It’s about positioning your content in places where customers will organically find it themselves.

The benefits of inbound marketing include lower expenses, higher credibility, and more qualified traffic. By studying these four examples, you’ll begin to grasp the elements of an inbound marketing strategy.

1. Find Where Customers Ask Questions and Answer Them (Franco Belli Plumbing & Heating & Sons)

Franco Belli Plumbing & Heating & Sons responded to a post on Quora about plumber recommendations around New York. That gave them the chance to respond directly to customers and highlight their key selling points, such as 30 years of experience. Quora-plumbing-questions Franco Belli Plumbing also seized the opportunity to place a link back to its site. Also known as a backlink, this will help Franco Belli Plumbing rank in search.

2. Build Content Playgrounds (Roto-Rooter)

Roto-Rooter’s resource page about COVID-19 creates a bingeable piece of content, where customers can click into videos, infographics, or blogs. roto-rooter-covid-response The more time customers spend with Roto-Rooter’s content, the more brand awareness it generates for Roto-Rooter.

3. Repurpose Content for Multiple Channels (Master Plumbing & Mechanical, INc.)

Master Plumbing & Mechanical’s Pinterest page lets the company repackage existing content in a stickier, more interactive way. For instance, a graphic about common water-heater problems links back to a blog page called, “4 Common Water Heater Woes.”

This helps the company reach new customers on Pinterest with content that already existed on its website, and it creates a backlink to boot.

4. Focus on Helping Instead of Selling (KS Services)

KS Services walks homeowner’s through common repairs, such as leaks and clogs, in its homeowner’s guide to plumbing. By breaking down an intimidating subject in an approachable, easy-to-understand way, KS Services earns customers’ trust. callks-plumbing-guide Now, when something does go wrong, the odds increase that customers will call KS Services instead of a competitor.

Facebook Plumber Advertising: 3 Social Ad Ideas That Connect

The best social advertisements tend to be the ones that focus on connecting with an audience rather than selling to customers. Notice how some of the best ideas for generating Facebook ads don’t go hard after a sale.

Instead, they focus on tactics like inspiring customers through lifestyle imagery or telling stories that demonstrate brand values. Take a look at how these plumbing companies successfully approach their Facebook ads.

1. Get More Clicks with Video (Garden City Plumbing and Heating)

Like other plumber advertisements on this list, Garden City Plumbing addressed the COVID-19 pandemic to give its customers peace of mind. But it did so in a unique way with a Facebook video ad.

The ad’s simplicity shows that any plumbing company can create an effective video ad with equipment as basic as a smartphone and stock video editing software, such as iMovie on a Mac. It’s worth the effort, too, because Facebook video ads get twice the clicks as image ads.

2. Share Your Brand Values (In-House Plumbing Company)

In-House Plumbing Company’s Facebook ad connects with its ideal customer through shared values. It demonstrates In-House’s concern for water conservation, melding a “Did you know . . . ?” statement with a background that stirs emotion.

It’s also worth noting In-House Plumbing Company’s location in Texas. With the state’s history of drought, In-House addresses a subject that its audience is likely to be sensitive toward.

3. Use Ads to Recruit, Too (Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter)

Facebook advertisements can do more than build an audience and sell services. They can be used for recruitment, too, as shown by this ad from Barker & Sons Plumbing & Rooter. plumbing-social-ad The ad bullets job benefits so they’re scannable and memorable. They also lead viewers’ eyes from the top left to the bottom right, setting up a click on the “Apply Now” button.

Direct Mail Plumber Advertising: 3 Postcard Ideas to Get on Customers’ Fridges

Direct-mail marketing isn’t dead. In fact, it’s enjoying something of a renaissance. Research compiled by the U.S. Small Business Administration highlights the advantages of direct mail, including its life span of 17 days compared with a few seconds for email.

That means a well-designed postcard, flyer, or door-hanger could end up on a homeowner’s refrigerator or coffee table. Get inspiration from these three examples, which showcase elements from the seven rules of direct-mail marketing.

1. Create Clear Focal Points (ERM Plumbing & Heating)

This postcard nails several principles of direct-mail design — most notably how it creates a strong visual impact. A limited color scheme of blue, black, and white helps every element pop, from the logo to ERM Plumbing & Heating’s phone number.

The tight control of color also pushes the leaky faucet forward as the focal point. By highlighting a common pain point, the postcard stirs a desire in homeowners to finally fix the problem.

2. Offer Social Proof (Mowery Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing)

Mowery Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing includes certifications from Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor on its oversized postcard. These certifications serve as social proof, which Buffer points out is a powerful lever in advertising.

Customer testimonials are a strong source of social proof, too. Likewise, a well-shot photo of a completed job, such as a bathroom or kitchen renovation, creates social proof that will stand out over stock images.

3. Make Something Customers Will Want to Hang Onto (Affordable Water Heaters & Plumbing, Inc.

This is a sticker that Affordable Water Heaters & Plumbing, Inc. puts on the water heaters it installs. However, it could work as a postcard with a few changes. Why? Because the focus on helping the customer, combined with a clear and strong CTA, makes it a strong bet that a postcard like this would end up stuck on the fridge.

Though most markets probably don’t have an issue as severe as earthquakes to prepare for, a water heater going out is a stressful event. It is hard to predict and is not cheap to fix. Homeowners would likely keep a postcard that walks them through how to handle a water-heater or gas leak longer than they’d keep a postcard trying to sell them a new water heater.

How to Find the Right Messaging and Offers for Your Plumbing Advertisements

Developing an advertising campaign for your plumbing company doesn’t have to be guesswork, even if you’re only a marketing team of one. Following the best practices in the examples above will help you establish a solid foundation. But there’s more you can do to build ROI-positive advertising campaigns faster.

For instance, Conversation Intelligence finds the keywords your customers use most in their calls, helping you build the messaging of your pay-per-click (PPC) and direct-mail campaigns. From there, use call tracking to find out which advertisements, both online and off, generate the most phone calls. That way, you can see the effect each campaign has on revenue.