With call tracking, Northern Commerce boosted leads and conversions by more than 50%

We worked with Julian Reiche, a Digital Advertising Lead at Northern Commerce, on this post. Northern is a full-service digital agency based in Toronto, Ontario, which recently received two significant accolades. First, as a finalist for Google Premier Partners Mobile Innovation Award, and also for the annualSearch Engine Land Awards. According to the agency, both of these achievements (and the results they’ve achieved for their clients) are thanks to how they integrated their analytics with CallRail. The agency works with roughly 200 partners across a wide range of industries, but one education client in particular — Oxford Learning Centres — needed a customized lead-tracking solution.

As one of Canada’s largest tutoring services, Oxford Learning Centres serves customers at 150 locations across the globe. With that many education franchisees, they needed a solution that would allow them to better track their most important source of leads: Phone calls. Tracking calls allows them to optimize their advertising by focusing on the channels that drive leads that convert at a high rate. But before they could reap the benefits of digital advertising, they had to find the right call tracking solution, and they didn’t find it on their first try.

Thankfully, all of their hard work has paid off handsomely –– with a more than 50 percent increase to both leads and conversions for their client.

northern co. helped Canada's leading tutoring academy boost signups with call tracking

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Finding the right solution

After trying several other call tracking providers on the market, Northern Commerce chose CallRail because of its ease of implementation, dedication to product innovation, and fair price.

“We have used around five different call tracking solutions and CallRail has been the best by far,” said Corey Dubeau, VP of marketing at Northern Commerce. “From the user interface and features, customer service, pricing, API integrations, and more, we have been thoroughly pleased with CallRail and it is something we now use for more than 50 clients,”

After starting with Oxford Learning Centres, Northern Commerce has since expanded their use of call tracking and analytics, and have been using CallRail for more than two years.

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Comprehensive analytics and integrations

For Oxford Learning Centres, call tracking was implemented at each franchise location to track final sales back to the initial digital or offline lead-entry points.

As families discover Oxford Learning Centres’ services and visit the website of their local franchise, phone numbers are dynamically swapped and tracked based on the referring source. And when current or prospective customers call their preferred location, a custom-coded integration uses the CallRail API to automatically enter their lead data in Northern Commerce’s ChainSync Franchise management system.

This custom integration allows Oxford Learning Centres Franchisees to track the entire customer journey back to the original source that drove them.

“We have been using CallRail with an API integration for roughly one year now,” Dubeau said. “We have yet to have any issues with it, and our developers find the API to be easy to use. CallRail allows us to track calls across multiple advertising mediums for consistent lead attribution to marketing initiatives. This provides us with more insight into the effectiveness of our different forms of Digital Marketing, whether it be paid advertising, organic search, social or email marketing.”

a look at how northern co. used call tracking to help Oxford learning centers

More insights mean better ROI

Northern Commerce’s use of call tracking for Oxford Learning Centres has yielded some data-driven insights that have had a big impact on their bottom line. By measuring how many leads they’re driving and optimizing their marketing accordingly, they’ve seen a 145 percent increase in their overall call conversion rate and a 43 percent lower cost per lead.

And thanks to CallRail, they’ve achieved hyper-accurate analytics for their campaign performance, as well as the overall effectiveness of their marketing. They’ve even been able to expand their call tracking efforts across all of their ad campaigns. This includes tracking organic and direct traffic alongside paid traffic and tracking their offline collateral as well. This broad implementation has resulted in an increased mobile investment of 40 percent, an increase in leads by 50 percent, and a lead conversion rate increase of 79 percent.

“CallRail has completely changed how we attribute our digital advertising efforts,” Dubeau said. “With CallRail, we are able to track the value of mobile and entire lifecycle of the lead, from the initial point of contact to the lifetime value of a customer, all tracking back to an initial traffic source.”