Earn More Do Less helps client capture 400% more calls with CallRail

Earn More Do Less is a full-service marketing agency based out of the Watertown neighborhood of Boston, MA. With 20 clients currently on the books and more than 100 businesses served since they launched four years ago, the company specializes in clientele in the home decor and care industries.

From the moment you open their website’s ‘Who We Are’ page, it’s easy to see how Earn More Do Less differentiates themselves from competitors with a fun and personable approach. Rather than a barrage of stats and figures, visitors are greeted by a video of Co-Founder and CEO John Gosselin explaining their recipe for success. (Clad in a floppy chef’s hat, naturally.)

Instead of applying a one-size-fits-all approach, Earn More Do Less performs an in-depth analysis of where a client stands in their industry, and their branding and advertising strategies. This allows them to customize their approach for driving growth and brand awareness to best fit the client’s needs, whether that’s simple tweaks to the sales funnel or overhauling an entire website.

As their roster of clients grew, more of them wanted to see detailed metrics that demonstrated a good return for their marketing dollars. Many of their clients’ businesses revolve around tracking the sales pipeline through web clicks and phone calls, so Earn More Do Less needed a comprehensive system for analyzing incoming leads and turning that into meaningful data for their clients. Like the name says: More revenue, with less effort.

Proving your value through call tracking

In addition to PPC (pay-per-click) advertising and call tracking, Earn More Do Less provides website design consulting to help clients boost traffic and engagement. By running their Google Ads (formerly AdWords) web traffic through a ‘heat-mapping’ service, they can provide clients with hard data to guide their proposals for website redesigns.

We were looking for a way to provide solid attribution data for calls and web forms,” Earn More Do Less Co-Founder Austin Pike explained. “Clients wanted to know what was coming out of our ad efforts, and [call tracking] was one of the easiest ways to show our results.” After some time spent using CallTrackingMetrics to analyze incoming calls, they made the leap to CallRail and never looked back.

A lot of clients might think they’re doing great on calls, but with call tracking we were able to find places where they were missing sales opportunities,” Pike said. “They might miss calls because they have people calling in at all hours of the day. So, we actually have a team that listens to playbacks of every single incoming phone call for our clients and takes notes. This helps us pick up things that our clients might miss.

Real analytics, real solutions

Thanks to CallRail’s powerful suite of call analytics and recording features, Earn More Do Less can provide a top-level view of their clients’ aggregated analytics, resulting in more leads, more customers and smarter use of their ad budgets. For clients with phone teams, Earn More Do Less also meticulously records and reviews all sales calls to identify leads and prospects and to run quality assurance.

This all translates into what every client loves to see: A boost to their bottom line. “CallRail helps us in 2 ways: We can help create more recurring revenue through their website, increasing the client’s budget and therefore increasing our management and optimization fee,” Gosselin said. “And because CallRail’s data is always clean and properly documented, we’re actually helping businesses operate more efficiently with all of their processes.”

Better than any service out there, you’ve allowed us to say ‘Hey, listen, we know how to bring in leads and improve your processes.’ And now we have transparent measure-ables that go beyond simple vanity metrics,” Gosselin explained. “The sugar-spike-high marketing data that every business gets but might not understand — CallRail brings that to life. There’s no theory with CallRail. It is all real data you can sink your teeth into, and there’s always plenty of meat on the bone.”

Using data to boost the bottom line

Armed with CallRail’s analytics and call recording features, Earn More Do Less was able to pinpoint serious quality gaps in one client’s sales team that put a $100,000-plus deal at risk. “That was huge from a quality-control perspective for the owner, but it was also just as important for us because that sales call came from a Google Ads placement we had done,” Gosselin said. “Without CallRail, we would have never been able to prove that.”

For another client, Earn More Do Less used CallRail to determine they were missing nearly 75% of their incoming call volume by not having a proper tracking system in place. “It fell to us to figure this out on the lead-generation side of things,” Gosselin laughed. “We find this with almost every single client: They’re missing calls because they don’t realize they’re coming in.”

With CallRail, Earn More Do Less is able to provide real value and peace of mind for their clients and translate smart data into even smarter marketing. Learn how call tracking can drive insightful and impactful marketing for your business: Request a demo of CallRail or start your 14-day free trial.