How Dealbot quadrupled inbound call volume by switching to CallRail

B2B marketing can be something of a high-wire act for even the most accomplished firms — you’ve got to carefully walk the tightrope of delivering results to your clients while also maximizing the health and growth of your own business. Making sure your clients’ needs are aligned with your own is a nonstop challenge for B2B companies of every size and scope.

This balancing act is very familiar for Dealbot, a Charlotte-based B2B company that specializes in lead-generation for real estate firms. With margins tight in the ultra-competitive business of buying and selling property, Dealbot recognized they could gain an edge over their competition by implementing a system for analyzing and qualifying the large volume of leads that call in every day.

“We do direct mail, telemarketing, and online ad campaigns to drive traffic to [a client’s] website, or to drive phone calls to their inbound phone line,” explains Blair Halver, founder and president of Dealbot. “Basically, we get people who are ready to sell their house but haven’t put it on the market yet to call our clients. Our client then gets a better deal, an off-market price for the house.”

It’s a sellers market right now, so Dealbot always has to make sure they’re bringing their A-game and delivering good leads and good ROI to their clients. And since inbound phone calls are the lifeblood of their business, they needed to make sure they were using the most robust and advanced call tracking technology available.

Scalable, but still personal

After using another call tracking vendor for several years, Halver recognized that the platform’s technology just couldn’t keep pace with their plans to scale Dealbot while also managing a corresponding increase in the number of inbound leads: “The features they had just weren’t keeping up with our needs and how we wanted to grow our company.”

After some research, Halver identified CallRail as an ideal partner for their ambitious plans — it’s simple to use, Dealbot could easily create a whitelabeled version for clients to view reporting and analytics, and they could integrate with a wide range of popular marketing platforms and CRMs.

“There’s also great ease-of-use for myself and my team as administrators, setting up new tracking numbers and call flows is so quick and simple,” Halver says. “The call flows feature in particular is huge for us. With our previous vendor it was near impossible to setup a call flow, the process was so byzantine and hard to understand. It was a real night-and-day experience switching to CallRail and seeing how simple it is.”

For Dealbot, signing up with CallRail allowed them the flexibility to constantly increase the volume of inbound calls they took, while also offering them a granular level of control for customizing each account according to the client’s needs.

Many of Dealbot’s clients prefer to use an automated system, where managers are notified via email whenever a lead calls in and leaves a message for Dealbot’s team. On the other hand, some clients have their own phone desk and lead-intake process, and prefer to take their calls live. In cases like this, CallRail’s call flow feature lets Dealbot specify days and times during which live calls could be tracked, and route after-business-hours calls to an answering service or to Dealbot’s own internal voicemail system.

“It requires a ton of customization, because each client’s business is a little different,” Halver says. “So we need to be able to adapt to our clients’ needs and provide exactly what they’re looking for.”

Big volume, big results

Dealbot implemented CallRail more than 2 years ago, and the results speak for themselves. During that time, the analytics they gathered helped them zero in on their best-performing initiatives, allowing them to fine-tune their marketing and find the ideal balance between their direct mail and telemarketing efforts.

“CallRail has allowed us to take our service offering to our clients, and raise it to another level of professionalism and capacity,” Halver says. Indeed, in the space of just over two years, Dealbot has more than quadrupled the number of inbound sales calls they receive every month.

“We’re now able to handle up to 3,000 inbound calls per month, compared to about one-quarter that number with our old system,” he adds. “And CallRail has been absolutely essential to helping us handle that kind of business as we grow, it just wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.”

Everybody wins

With CallRail in their arsenal, Dealbot has been able to scale their growth while taking on more and more clients, and they aren’t planning on stopping anytime soon. They’ve also been able to greatly expand the range of services they offer while still providing the personalized attention their clients need to thrive.

By upgrading their services while simultaneously handling greater inbound call volume, Dealbot has likewise been able to boost their brand. They’re bringing in far more clients than with their last call tracking vendor, and greatly increasing the company’s overall revenue.

“We’re able to increase our value to the client — we can attract more high-profile clientele and charge more as we upgrade our range of services,” Halver says. “It’s a win-win for everyone, because our clients are happy because we’re doing a better job for them, and we’re happy because our business is improving.”

He continues: “A big part of that is all the integrations we’re able to use and link with different CRMs, and all the customization that’s possible in CallRail. We don’t have to take a cookie-cutter approach, every client gets the personalized solution that’s best for them. To our clients, that’s even more valuable than the analytics and reporting, because of the simplicity and reassurance it brings.”

If you’re a B2B marketer looking for solutions that allow you to scale your business while still offering personalized attention to your clients, CallRail is here to help.