Customer Spotlight: Reliable Heating & Air lowers cost per lead with Form Tracking

Have you ever had an idea but had trouble getting your team on board?

You're not alone. Lea Anne Roberts from Reliable Heating & Air had the same issue. She had a great idea for Reliable Heating & Air’s search engine marketing (SEM) efforts — bidding on some new keywords around “leasing equipment.” Not only were they inexpensive words, but competitors were not bidding on them because, at the time, financing heating and air equipment was not seen as a well-searched service.

But her managers were skeptical of this new direction. They didn't see value in bidding on these keywords and the quality of leads they would produce on a small, local level.

Instead of giving up, she decided to prove the value of her idea by running a form submission only campaign using CallRail’s Form Tracking tool to test the number and quality of the leads generated.

Testing her hypothesis with Form Tracking

Prior to working for Reliable Heating and Air, Lea Anne Roberts was a freelancer who had her own business, I Heart SEM. She had a handful of clients running their paid search campaigns, so she knew how to spot an opportunity when she saw one. And as an avid CallRail Call Tracking user, she knew how to use the tool to drive ROI for her clients.

In fact, it's how she ended up working for Reliable Heating & Air back in 2016.

With a desire to prove the value of her idea, and using her extensive background in SEM, Lea Anne set off to launch her new PPC campaign idea. Lea Anne decided to test her new keywords and the quality of the leads they would produce on a local level by using CallRail's Form Tracking and custom form builder.

Using Form Tracking custom form builder, she quickly and easily built a form and embedded it on her paid ads landing page (using a form only, no phone number). Since CallRail Form Builder is easy to use and implement, Lea Anne didn’t need the help of a development team member.

In less than a few hours, she was up and running.

Using Form Tracking's Quick Response feature, she set up notifications for the program, so every time a lead filled out a form, she received a notification delivered straight to her inbox. Lea Anne would then push the contact's information and request directly into the field to the area sales manager for lead follow-up.

With Form Tracking's custom form builder and Quick Response notifications — she established that:

  • The digital ads produced quality leads
  • These keywords were driving new business

Now Reliable’s lease and warranty campaigns are some of lowest cost-per-lead campaigns. Not only does it deliver some of the highest quality prospects, but it does so at the lowest cost per acquisition possible — $15.15 per lead.

Form Tracking Does All of the Hard Work

On the Form Tracking side, Lea Anne noted that, “[Form Tracking] is an easier way for me as a marketer to quickly assess the success response of any specific marketing campaign. You can launch it quickly, which is helpful to the actual production side of it.”

Pulling up analytics is a breeze, and the ease of access tops it off.

“Many people in my position are stuck having to pipeline things and getting other people to do the heavy lifting, and Form Tracking makes it so easy. I can get something off the ground quick. I can see if it works quickly.”

CallRail takes all the weight off. Lea Anne can get something off the ground in minutes and see if it works. And the best part? Form Tracking makes it possible to pinpoint your hottest leads while getting a pulse on your market’s performance.

Moral of the story?

Getting buy-in for a new idea can be hard, especially if your leadership team can envision the impact it will have on the bottom line. But with data, you can bypass that.

Now, Lea Anne doesn't go to corporate with her ideas; she goes to her leaders with data on what is working and what isn't, using CallRail's Call and Form Tracking to prove her ideas and what they can provide for Reliable in real time.

Want to see how Form Tracking can help prove ROI and the value of your ideas? Try it out with a free 14-day trial to Form Tracking.