Customer spotlight: Einstein Industries helps clients make data-informed decisions with CallRail

Einstein team helps clients drive revenue through data-driven marketing and proven SEM tactics.

Einstein Industries is a San Diego-based digital marketing agency that helps clients in the medical and legal industries drum up leads with search engine marketing (SEM) and data-driven marketing strategies.

With a focus on driving forward momentum, they rely on CallRail to optimize their clients' marketing campaigns to drive the most results. Watch their story or read it here and get inspired to do the same thing for your business.

Give us a closer look at Einstein Industries

Einstein is initially based in San Diego, but you're going to learn that we are far more spread out now. And our clients are primarily those that offer high-end services such as dental implants or plastic surgery, or even high-end law cases.

So, our clients tend to have very specialized needs in terms of the types of leads that we send to them.

What is your mission at Einstein?

We've been reinventing ourselves daily for over 25 years. I'll give you the corporate line: "Our mission is to make your business more visible, accessible, and profitable through data-informed marketing strategies."

But in reality, we generate leads through SEM. We like to connect data from multiple third-party sources, distill it down to our clients, give them the highest quality lead and ROI.

Tell us about the company culture at Einstein

At Einstein, the big focus with culture is just positive, forward momentum. Um, I think, uh, the mantra really is: "doesn't matter what part of the company you're in, you roll your sleeves up, and you get to work."

How does your team leverage CallRail in its daily operations?

I would say it's the default. So, prior to any conversation with a client, we look at the leads and get a sample of the quality. That's a huge time-saver, right? So, you know, you're Zoom call to Zoom call, you got two minutes to prep, you should have done it yesterday... I'm taking the client's time. I have to be informed.

So, it's a great way to quickly get up to speed in two to three minutes, and then you can make some informed decisions and actually provide value.

How does CallRail help you manage checks and balances?

There've been scenarios where we have had checks and balances. So, we've had clients come to us and say, for example, a law client: "I'm paying thousands of dollars for Find Law, they say I'm getting leads, I just- I cannot figure out, should I pay this?"

So, instead of blindly saying, "well, of course, you should bring your budget to Einstein." That's not what we did. We said, "let's go- let's look at it, let's figure it out."

And we were able to deliver to that client a spreadsheet: "these are- this is what you got from Find Law." And so the client was able to look at those individuals and then said, "okay, yes, Find Law's sending me leads. These just weren't the right ones."

So, checks and balances, checks and balances, and just allowing our clients to make data-informed decisions.

You know, when you're talking about budgets, there's a weird ego that can come along with these conversations. And CallRail- that's the concept of checks and balances: remove it. Remove the ego. And we're no longer trying to fight for budget. We're saying: "well, which tactic deserves budget?"

Not, you know, "where do I want it to go?" So, it's a total shift in the conversation. It's really incredible.

How do you utilize CallRail's ability to follow a user on their journey?

One of the tools specifically inside of CallRail that we leverage a lot is the timeline. It allows us, you know, to follow the flow of the users down the sales path, even.

We're focusing on a lot of practice areas and clients who are doing things like dental implants and breast augmentations, and these aren't just decisions that happen overnight, you know, they're big decisions, big purchases, big investments.

And we are able to follow the user through their entire flow of interacting with the forums, the site. So, whether it's months, weeks, years, um, you know, we get that insight.

[For example,] we had a dentist in Arizona where I'm going through their timeline data, the recordings, and kind of piecing together, like, "alright, it looks like this type of lead to me and this type of interaction." And the doctor's like, "oh my- oh my God, how-, she's literally in the room next door getting a crown installed."

I was like, "oh, great, well I can tell you that her first interaction was this, and she went to this page and then did this and look at where we are now, you know?

How valuable has CallRail been for your team and your clients?

Google's the dominant player for a lot of what we do. And typically, companies live and die by Google and its big algorithmic changes. It's like, "oh no, what did Google do? They ruined my leads."

So, with our ability to look at the data from multiple different angles, it's not a question of if Google is going to make a big change, but when they do, we will see the opportunity and improve the outcome for our clients.

Any feedback for the CallRail team that will help agencies like you grow better

We just want you guys to keep- keep going, keep innovating, right? We love these conversations, these collaborations. Let's just keep rollin'.

First of all, I think the CallRail team- shout out for being a cutting edge and staying ahead of the curve, and I think it's pretty obvious you guys have a commitment to always evolving and, you know-similar to Einstein-continuous improvement and constant implementations.

This past year has been a great example of it: things changed, things were very erratic. Many people jumped out of the space. Others said, "I see a huge opportunity - what can you do?" So we were able to make our clients really stand out and benefit from it, and some of them have their best years-not just a good year, their best years in their practice history-in a time where things were incredibly unstable. When you can do that for a client, and they look at you and said, "you saved my business" or "you grew my business, and it's because of you." That's why we do this.

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