Call tracking can be an extremely lucrative revenue stream for your marketing agency. Reselling a service like CallRail can help you show your clients what’s working, and what’s not, while providing them with valuable information about their callers and leads.

And if you’re a marketing agency selling call tracking services, then you understand how important it is to get paid on time. Whether you’re managing PPC, SEO, social media, or even print campaigns for your clients, you need to ensure your outgoing invoices are calculated properly and that payment is received in a timely manner.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce CallRail’s two latest features –– customer invoicing and our new integration with Stripe. Customer invoicing arms your agency with full control over call tracking billing, and our Stripe integration can automate the entire process. Replace your current time-consuming and tedious invoicing tasks with automation.

Simplify and customize client management

CallRail’s customer invoicing is set up at the company level inside of CallRail. Companies can be thought of as individual sub-accounts for your customers, meaning invoicing and rates are set up at the client level. Once you navigate to the customer invoicing setup screen, you’ll be able to tailor CallRail to each of your customer’s needs.

Once you turn on customer invoicing for each of your clients, CallRail will automatically calculate your client’s monthly invoices for you –– no more spreadsheets of complicated math. We’ll take the rates you supply for each of your customers and apply them accordingly to their individual usage.

Customer invoicing lets you access and oversee all of your client’s call tracking campaigns within a single interface, so you can easily update all of your invoicing setups within one unified view. And if you’re taking advantage of CallRail’s white label feature, you’ll be able to control your client’s entire call tracking experience from setup to invoice.

Make call tracking a revenue driver with custom mark-ups

With customer invoicing, you can select what to charge each of your clients for the following call tracking features:

  • Base cost
  • Phone number
  • Minute
  • Text message
  • Toll-free surcharges
  • CallScribe transcriptions
  • Human-powered voicemail transcriptions

That means you can apply custom mark-ups on any and all features you choose to turn call tracking into a profit and upsell opportunity for your marketing agency. Your customers will get more insights from their marketing successes to make better advertising decisions, and you’ll improve your revenue per client.

Full invoicing automation with CallRail’s Stripe Integration

Once you activate customer invoicing, CallRail will calculate your clients’ invoices for you and present those in both a PDF and CSV format. But if you’re interested in true invoice automation, we’ve also built a brand new integration with Stripe.

Stripe is a payment processing platform for business of all sizes. They’ve handled billions of dollars of invoices for over 100,000 businesses, and are one of the best ways to receive payments online. Our integration with Stripe will allow your customers to enter their credit card information directly inside of CallRail for automated payment processing.

CallRail will still bill your credit card automatically for the total monthly invoice, but you’ll be able to instantaneously receive payments to your bank account from each of your client’s credit cards. The amount billed via Stripe will match whatever mark-ups and rates you setup for each of your clients inside of CallRail with customer invoicing.

Click here to see all of CallRail’s official pre-built integrations. 

Ready to get started with customer invoicing?

CallRail’s new customer invoicing feature is a Pro-level integration, meaning it’s only available to customers on our Pro and Elite pricing plans. In order to take advantage of our new Stripe integration, you will also need to open a Stripe account.

Here are some support articles that will help to get you started:

  • For current CallRail customers looking to switch from Account Center to Customer Invoicing, head here.
  • You can learn more about activating customer invoicing here.
  • To get started with our Stripe integration, check out our support documentation.

Are you interested in learning more about turning call tracking into a revenue driver for your marketing agency? Start your free 14-day trial today.

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