Customer Highlight: Learn How RevUnit Uses CallRail

Interview with Sidnee Schaefer, Sr. Product Adoption Strategist, RevUnit

Talk a little bit about what RevUnit does. What is your role at the company?

RevUnit has been designing world-class digital products since 2012. From enterprise mobile applications to best in class web apps. We’ve built our team and process using decades of experience developing software for the most successful brands in the world. The mission at RevUnit has always been to inspire our product teams to solve real-world problems. Our most satisfying problems to fix involve workforce transformation, or the process of innovating for enterprise employees. Our custom apps focus on task management and productivity, communication, engagement and gamification, and learning management systems. Through all of our products, we are ultimately building a platform for brands to connect their people with purpose.

I am a Senior Strategist, focused on the adoption of our mobile apps and websites. I create omni-channel communication and marketing strategies to reach a target audience.

When did RevUnit start using CallRail?

We’ve been using CallRail for about a year and a half.

What drove you to look for a call tracking solution, and why did you choose CallRail?

Our client, School of Rock, was seeing inconsistent call tracking on Google Ads (formerly Adwords) PPC. CallRail provided the ability to accurately track calls by channel and showed detailed call attributes.

What CallRail features are you currently using?

We are currently using dynamic number insertion, company sub-accounts, lead scoring, and Copilot. School of Rock has split out call tracking by school, so each school has access to their own company. This has been a game changer in creating transparency at School of Rock.

How has CallRail changed/improved the way you market your services?

We recommend CallRail for almost all of our Ads engagements because of the accuracy and transparency it provides in tracking calls. CallRail has allowed us to feel confident in our analytics and our clients to feel confident in the data they are receiving.