Customer Highlight: Learn How Recovery Brands Uses CallRail’s API to enhance Their CRM

Interview with Daniel Bower, Business Intelligence Analyst, Recovery Brands

Talk a little bit about what Recovery Brands does. What is your role at the company?

Recovery Brands serves families and individuals struggling with addiction and seeking treatment. We facilitate meaningful connections between individuals seeking treatment and facilities that can provide care. As a leading publisher of authority websites, including and, it’s our mission to provide a 360-degree, unbiased view about all treatment options for individuals through our comprehensive online directories, rehab reviews, forums and professional communities.

Our efforts are supported by the sale of online marketing solutions to top treatment providers. Our flagship product is called ClientReach. It’s an ethical marketing tool that allows us to work with addiction treatment facilities and support their online marketing. It offers enhanced facility profiles, audience targeting, and tools for digital reputation management. We use CallRail across the various websites we operate. At a high level, we utilize it to understand where calls are coming from, and then to understand what campaigns are working or not working.

I’m the senior business intelligence analyst and work across different departments. I use CallRail more in an advisory role – our optimization department uses dynamic number insertion and I help them with that. Our content team uses the ring pools to understand where people are converting across our pages and which pages consumers are most interested in visiting.

When did Recovery Brands start using CallRail?

We started using CallRail in March of 2016.

What drove you to look for a call tracking solution, and why did you choose CallRail?

Part of the reason we started using CallRail is because we were acquired by American Addiction Centers (AAC) in June 2015, and they were already successfully using the product. When we looked into your services for our own use, it was a very positive interaction. Your customer experience seemed to surpass other options.

What is your relationship with AAC?

Though Recovery Brands is an acquired property of AAC, our mission to help consumers understand all of their treatment options and find care remains the same. We continue to operate with editorial independence and autonomy for our portfolio of websites. We treat our parent company as we do any other large client. Additionally, we continue to work with and onboard new treatment centers across the nation, both large and small, to continue our vision of empowering consumers to make informed decisions about treatment.

What CallRail features are you currently utilizing?

We use dynamic number insertion, which allows us to track various campaigns and unique numbers for optimization testing. We also use ringpools, which allow us to track user behavior and understand which pages are most visited among consumers. We use call recording on all of our calls for quality assurance purposes.

You’ve done some custom work with the API. How do you use the raw data from that, specifically in regards to your CRM?

Before we would send clients Excel sheets with data per their request. Now, we pull data from the custom-built API for internal reporting and use data from the web hooks for external reporting for clients. It’s been great since we built this application because each client has their own login to access data at their leisure through a more formalized interface. Plus, we’re mobile friendly now, so treatment facilities can access their data from our ClientReach application.

How has CallRail changed/improved the way you market your services?

CallRail is easier access to data on our clients’ end, and there’s more transparency. Using the API gives us more flexibility to combine the calls with other data we have so we can understand automated data and see trends quickly over time. Ultimately, identifying trends in real time allows us and treatment facilities to better understand what consumers are looking for in their pursuit to better understand addiction, treatment and recovery.