Customer Highlight: How Factor Finders Uses CallRail

Interview with Autumn Dlugoz, Marketing Manager, Factor Finders, LLC1

Talk a little bit about what Factor Finders does. What is your role at the company?

We’re a business-to-business funding intermediary that matches small business owners with the best funding company for their needs. When a customer contacts us, we take the time to talk to them and obtain a solid understanding of their company and their financing needs. Then, we introduce the customer to a funding company that we believe will be a great fit. You can think of us as a matchmaker for businesses looking for financing. We work with a large network of factoring companies and small business lenders throughout the United States. I’m responsible for all overseeing all marketing activities and managing our advertising budget.

When did Factor Finders start using CallRail?

We started using CallRail in January 2016.

What drove you to look for a call tracking solution, and why did you choose CallRail?

We’re based in Ohio and our sales team typically works 9am-6pm EST. Our customers call from all over the United States and we often missed calls that came in after 6pm. We wanted a solution to capture after-hours phone calls to improve our prospect follow-up. We chose CallRail because it was easy to integrate into our websites, affordable, and offered exactly what we wanted.

What CallRail features are you currently using?

Dynamic number insertion, multi-channel attribution, call analytics, caller ID data with pop-up notifications, email notifications, Salesforce integration, Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and Google Analytics integrations, and are in the process of implementing a Marketo integration.

How are you analyzing the data you receive from CallRail and sharing it with your team?

We have CallRail set up on multiple websites and track the analytics data for each lead we receive. We pay close attention to the source, landing page, ad copy, etc. that triggered a conversion. The ability to assign specific phone numbers to specific campaigns makes it easier for us to track performance and better allocate our advertising budget.

The Google Analytics integration data has saved our marketing team an unbelievable amount of time on reporting. Since we use CallRail for multiple web properties, it’s been so easy to log into CallRail and see conversion data for each site on a single page. Rather than digging through multiple Google Analytics accounts, CallRail combines the data into one easy-to-use dashboard. Everyone on the sales and marketing team has access to and is encouraged to use the data.

How has CallRail changed/improved the way you market your services?

CallRail has greatly improved our response rates with prospects. We receive emails after-hours to alert us of missed calls. The additional info provided through call analytics arms our sales team with enough introductory data to reach out from wherever they are. For paid campaigns, we allocate unique phone numbers for each campaign to better track our performance. This data enables us to create better ads, improve placements and optimize our spending for the days and times when our customers are most likely to convert.