Easily Create Interactive Phone Menus

Build Custom Menus with Call Flow Builder

The Call Flow Builder Menu step makes it easy to direct calls where you need them to go by prompting the caller to select from a menu of options using the keypad on their phone.

Just add a menu step to your call flow, and decide whether you would like to have a greeting read to your callers or upload your own recording to let them know the menu options.

Once you set up the options you can decide what will happen after the caller presses a number so you can dial a number, play a voicemail, or even send them to another menu.

With Call Flow Builder, Setting Up a Menu is Easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Add a menu step to your call flow and send calls where they need to go
  2. Create a message for callers to hear by typing in a prompt or uploading your own recording
  3. Set up as many menus as you need and save time by not having to ask callers who they need to speak to or redirecting their calls