Here are the facts: according to Pew Research, nearly two-thirds of smartphone owners use messaging more than five times a day to communicate with others. 65% of consumers say they’d consider using SMS to connect with a business. The explosive growth of mobile makes it crucial for modern marketers to start tracking more than just phone calls – it’s time to start analyzing texts.

All of your CallRail tracking numbers are already equipped to start sending and receiving text messages. But to help our customers fill the text message attribution gap, we’ve introduced a new Texts tab on your Activity Dashboard.

Drive New Leads with Powerful SMS Analytics

Text message conversations are an efficient, convenient way to initiate and extend conversations with customers. More importantly, by offering the ability to text on your website or PPC ads you’re unlocking an entirely new segment of customers that prefer to use SMS to communicate.

CallRail’s new Text Conversations tab allows you to see which marketing campaigns are driving inbound SMS conversations, view full caller ID data, and gain valuable insights. You will be able to use Filters to compare data for customized date ranges and to discover trends for both texts and calls in one central location.

Conversion Tracking for Message Extensions

Back in October, Google announced their new click-to-messages extensions. These additions to PPC ads are a great way for your customers to have an instant, interactive connection to your brand via SMS.

The one downside to this feature, however, has been that Google is currently unable to track these text messages as conversions in Google Ads (formerly AdWords.) Advertisers who want to see how many texts their message extensions are generating have to create their own system to track and measure the success of their message extensions – that’s where CallRail comes in.

With CallRail’s new SMS analytics, marketers can now gain a full view of how many new leads their click-to-text ads are driving. Our text message insights help marketers understand the number of conversions they’re generating – no more relying on impressions and clicks.

Use CallRail’s SMS feature and analytics to:

  • Easily interact with your call-phobic customers whose preferred method of communication is text messaging.
  • Attribute inbound SMS leads back to their originating marketing source.
  • Gain valuable insights into when customers are texting and how often.
  • Send text messages as goal completions into Google Analytics.

Want to learn more about CallRail’s SMS Analytics? Check out our documentation or start your free 14-day trial today.

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