Get More From Your Call Data with Conversation Intelligence

Deciphering the value of your inbound calls is never easy. You need to know not only which of your campaigns are generating the most calls, but also which of these leads are sales-ready. Sometimes it seems like the only way to optimize your marketing is by manually qualifying and scoring each individual phone call.

But for most organizations, managing all of the moving pieces associated with manual lead scoring is just too time-consuming. Wouldn’t you love to know what happens on each and every phone call without having to listen to every single conversation?

CallScore: Powered by Conversation Intelligence

Here at CallRail, we want to help you maximize results with minimal effort. Part of our new set of Conversation Intelligence features, CallScore works on the backend to pinpoint your most profitable leads instantaneously within the CallRail dashboard. No more having to replay each and every call recording in order to effectively pinpoint high-quality leads.

Through machine learning and algorithms developed from hundreds of thousands of phone calls, CallScore finds the calls that convert in real-time and automatically updates your activity dashboard and call details pages. Lead statuses are even populated within email notifications and the CallRail mobile app.

CallScore's Automated Lead Classification

Phone calls marked as good leads instantly push into the CallRail Lead Funnel Report. You’ll know what percentage of your calls are good leads, what marketing campaigns are driving the most top-line revenue, and which sales strategies work best.

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 10.59.36 AM

Available to all CallRail customers as part of our standard service, CallScore captures useful data about your phone calls and ultimately, your customers. Choose to only send good leads to third-party integrations, such as Salesforce and HubSpot, so you can follow calls through from opportunity to revenue.

Instantly View the Value of a Call

In addition to real-time lead scoring, Conversation Intelligence also provides updates to call recording waveforms. CallRail users will now be able to view call recordings as speaker-organized, graphical visualizations of conversations.

Dual-channel call recording

You’ll be able to instantly recognize which phone calls in your CallRail dashboard are meaningful conversations and pinpoint them down to the marketing source. This allows you to stop wasting marketing budget on misdials and tiresome inquiries, and focus on those channels generating high-quality sales calls.

How to Use Conversation Intelligence to Prove Marketing and Sales Effectiveness

CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence is a game-changer for marketing and sales teams alike. With the ability to automatically distinguish exactly what calls are driving revenue, you’ll be able to adjust your marketing dollars for success. Start taking your call data to the next level today!

CallRail’s new visual call recordings will be turned on automatically for all CallRail accounts. To activate CallScore’s automated lead qualification, check out our support documentation or contact us at