Conversation Intelligence: A Clear Picture of Your Small Business Leads

Contacts and conversations within Lead Center

The gist:

  • The primary benefit of Conversation Intelligence is to save time by gaining a deeper understanding of your conversations with leads in order to improve your sales.
  • Whether they’re full transcripts, high-level notes, or overall outcomes, these details give you a clear picture of what problems your leads are facing or what questions are most commonly asked.
  • Automation and AI free up time for sales and marketing professionals, allowing them to dedicate themselves to evaluating real-time trends and becoming more responsive to your leads’ needs.

The call begins like any other. Introductions, niceties, and maybe a comment on the weather we’ve been experiencing these days. As a small business, you’re attempting to make a human connection with this prospect to make a sale.

However, this potential customer is combating your questions and even dropping a competitor or two into the conversation. You’re left wondering how many times this has happened before and what you can do to fix it? If this sounds familiar, or you’re looking to gain better insights into your daily calls from and with customers, Conversation Intelligence is the answer.

Instead of manually reviewing calls to unearth the value hidden in those interactions, Conversation Intelligence uses artificial intelligence automation and does the work for you. In a general sense, the value of Conversation Intelligence lies in its ability to generate reliable data points that connect to the context of each conversation logged in your call tracking software.

This is data that most small businesses and their clients never had access to in the past. And even if they did, the resource cost of gathering this data manually limited its scope and, thus, the value of any insights they might have been able to generate from the data.

Through Conversation Intelligence, your small business and its clients can unlock numerous benefits that improve your sales and marketing performance, which, in turn, increases your ROI from these activities. Here’s a closer look at the top benefits.

Real-time trend data from all of your phone calls with leads

When you manage a large part of your business over the phone, it’s important to have detailed notes about your conversations. Whether these are full transcripts, high-level notes, or overall outcomes, these details can give you a clear picture of what problems your leads are facing, what questions come up the most, what services are talked about the most, and more.

Manually taking these notes or using multiple tools to record, transcribe, and analyze your calls is time-intensive, can be costly and, ultimately, delays the availability of your data.

The longer it takes to make this data usable, the less value it offers your business. Conversation Intelligence gives you affordable access to AI for transcribing and transcription analysis for key phrases from all calls.


This automation frees up time for sales and marketing professionals, allowing them to dedicate themselves to evaluating real-time trends and becoming more responsive to your leads’ needs. If you are also using Call Tracking and Lead Center, all of your inbound and outbound calls are automatically transcribed.

For example, Conversation Intelligence can help a small business identify:

  • Competitors that are frequently mentioned in conversations
  • New buzzwords that leads are using to discuss or describe their problems
  • Frequency with which leads or customers are raising pricing as a concern
  • Overall patterns in your conversations

How does Conversation Intelligence benefit small businesses?

Benefits of CI for SMBs

Looking for more specific ways in which Conversation Intelligence can deliver new capabilities and value for your business? Here are some of the biggest factors to consider:

Validated lead qualification for every inbound call

Conversation Intelligence gives you the ability to evaluate every call and determine whether inbound leads had been qualified by the point of contact. Because this process is automated, this qualification can take place quickly and keep up with whatever volume of calls your business is receiving.

For example, your business may decide to use Conversation Intelligence to organize leads by immediacy. Conversations can be flagged when prospective clients use keywords that indicate a time constraint or expectation, such as “when can you start,” “first appointment available,” or “this week.” This helps your business prioritize leads, improve responsiveness, and retain leads with pressing timelines.

Conversation Intelligence can also help you disqualify leads. Negative keywords can flag conversations as poor value for your business, allowing you to put those leads lower on the list. For example, a dental office could use Conversation Intelligence to flag inbound phone calls from potential patients who mention a type of insurance you don’t accept. These calls could then be flagged as “out of network” because they offer less value.

A lawn care specialist with a clearly defined scope of service can use keywords referencing certain communities or properties to flag low-quality leads. They could use Conversation Intelligence to flag a message from a local golf course as “not a good fit.”

Reduced reporting costs

When data collection is automated, the cost of generating reports is drastically reduced. Automation also reduces the risk of manual data entry errors, which might otherwise erode the quality of your data or require additional corrections that increase reporting costs.

Automation increases the value of the information because your reports now represent more accurate and timely data.

Insights for adapting and enhancing sales and marketing strategies

Conversation Intelligence gives you the context you need to understand how inbound callers are responding to your messaging. You can evaluate how different strategies and engagement methods perform during inbound calls. This information can be used to determine how your marketing and inbound call messaging are working together, for better or worse. Your marketing and sales teams can adapt their messaging to improve engagement with inbound calls and, ideally, improve conversion rates.

Conversation Intelligence can create word clouds of commonly used phrases identified in your company’s inbound phone calls. Suppose clients refer to your services using different lingo than your website, social media, or outdoor advertising. In that case, it will be logged in this report so you can easily see terms that better resonate with your clients and adjust your messaging accordingly.

Improved coaching and training for sales team members

Recordings and transcripts are powerful tools when assessing your teams’ interactions over the phone. Conversation Intelligence can support communication strategy development for an entire team, but this data can also improve management’s support for individual employees.

Coaching and training can be developed to serve the needs of individual workers or teams, addressing performance weaknesses while helping your staff develop new skills and strengths in their role.

Guidance for optimizing organic and paid keyword strategies

The Keyword Spotting technology integrated into Conversation Intelligence supports SEO and SEM efforts by identifying potential keywords based on how often they are used in real conversations.

With this data, you’re better able to understand your customers and how they conceptualize and search for your services, helping you identify SEO opportunities that improve your ROI from this channel.

More responsive customer service

By improving your conversations’ quality and shaping your engagement to serve your customers’ needs, your customer service is inevitably improved. The ultimate benefit of Conversation Intelligence is happier customers, reducing your churn rate while preserving your incoming revenue.

Make the most of your inbound call data

Phone calls are a treasure trove of valuable data that can inform and enhance your sales and marketing strategies. But this data is only useful when you have the right tools in place to organize and analyze it properly.

Call tracking software enables it’s users to collect this data and optimize their engagement with inbound prospects. Over time, the insights gleaned from Conversation Intelligence can enhance your messaging and other elements across your company’s entire marketing strategy.

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