Conversation Intelligence benefits for agencies and their clients

Table of contents:

  • Using Conversation Intelligence at your agency
  • How Conversation Intelligence improves sales and marketing results
  • Implementing Conversation Intelligence for your clients
  • Pitching Conversation Intelligence to small-business clients
  • Passing on the benefits of Conversation Intelligence

The traditional methods of taking notes during a call are all dependent on manual tasks — and they all present their own problems and inefficiencies. The only way to ensure fast, accurate documentation of a conversation’s content is to harness artificial intelligence (AI) through a call tracking tool known as Conversation Intelligence.

Here’s a look at how Conversation Intelligence benefits not only your agency, but your clients as well.

Using Conversation Intelligence at your agency

Conversation Intelligence isn’t just a transcript of the conversation taking place between two or more individuals, like most CI customers are thinking. Through AI, this tool starts with the transcript and then provides conversation data that is structured and searchable while also generating new insights that even manual processes struggle to provide.

Rather than reading call transcripts or listening to call recordings between prospects and your sales team or between customers and your customer service representatives, Conversation Intelligence pulls trends, commonly used phrases, and more into reports like the ones below. These reports can be used for individual calls, filtered groups of calls, and all calls.


With Conversation Intelligence, your agency can improve the quality of its call data to analyze performance and inform sales and marketing strategies.

Keyword data is one example: Given the increased complexity in validating keyword data for SEO and SEM campaigns, Conversation Intelligence uses trends and keywords from inbound call transcripts, as well as text messages and web form submissions, to source potential keyword ideas and other data from your targeted client personas.

CI Benefits for Agency WordCloud

This keyword-scanning function can be used for all of your company’s calls, and the data gathered can be used to support research on buyer personas, messaging, and more to guide your agency’s strategy.

CI Keyword Spotted Report

This service improves the value of Conversation Intelligence for your clients, and it offers other rewards for sales, marketing, and client services teams, allowing them to gather insights from subject matter expert (SME) interviews, buyer persona interviews, and other meetings and information-gathering sessions that are used to develop messaging and strategies.

How Conversation Intelligence improves sales and marketing results

Better conversation data is an asset in your effort to improve sales and marketing outcomes. The tangible benefits of this information can be evident across many aspects of your overall strategy.

Once AI has documented the data from a given phone call, that data can be combined with existing call data to help your agency analyze lead quality from specific sources, including different marketing channels and campaigns. Lead quality insights can help your agency — and your clients — determine whether your marketing mix should be adjusted to increase budgets for channels that drive higher-quality leads and a better overall ROI. For organizations operating on tight sales and marketing budgets, this ability to optimize can have a dramatic effect.

Conversation Intelligence generates qualitative data points that can balance out quantitative data that might already be guiding your sales and marketing strategy. With this qualitative data, your organization can take performance analytics to the next level. You’ll be able to understand not only the net outcome of different sales and marketing efforts, but also the relative value, in terms of lead quality, those efforts are creating. As an agency, these insights strengthen your value as a partner for your clients.


Conversation Intelligence can also provide opportunities for you to improve your strategy through the following granular insights:

  • Spotting disparities in the industry-specific lingo your sales team uses, compared to the lingo your prospects are using to describe their business challenges and goals
  • Identifying trends or gaps in your service offerings based on what your prospects are asking for
  • Identifying frequently asked questions and other important topics to address through content marketing
  • Setting goals for lead qualification — not just the quantity of leads generated for your business

Even when an engagement doesn’t lead to a conversion, your conversations with clients and prospects are a source of valuable data-driven insights. Adopt Conversation Intelligence to bring these insights to your sales and marketing strategy.

Implementing Conversation Intelligence for your clients

The benefits mentioned above don’t serve just your agency. They also offer value to your clients. Because those benefits are sourced through your agency, Conversation Intelligence can become an asset that makes your agency more valuable to its client base.

Given the value that quality data can provide to sales and marketing teams, Conversation Intelligence should be viewed by agencies as a unique tool that can fill in existing data gaps that may be holding back their larger business strategy. Although manual note-taking and recording can provide some value in collecting conversation data, this process is time-consuming and inconsistent. And too often, it leads to errors. In addition, the manual process of taking notes during conversations makes it tougher to identify patterns that may support certain types of data acquisition, such as keyword spotting.

Conversation Intelligence also enables real-time analysis and data feedback, which can immediately improve sales and marketing insights. For your agency, this makes it possible to make informed decisions quickly using the latest available information.

Ultimately, this AI-driven approach will help you improve goal-setting and strategy development for your clients while giving clients more confidence in your ability to help them meet or exceed those goals. For your agency, meanwhile, the value delivered by Conversation Intelligence will improve your overall client satisfaction, reducing your churn rate as you target continued revenue growth.

Pitching Conversation Intelligence to small-business clients

Some small-business clients may be leery of including additional call software in their current service package, due to either the cost or skepticism over whether Conversation Intelligence can deliver enough value for their organization. In some cases, business clients may already be using call recording to support their manual note-taking process for each phone call.

Your agency should emphasize the analysis benefits of embracing an AI-powered solution, as well as the speed and reduced labor costs that come with this automated approach. By offloading this work to an automated solution, small businesses can free up their precious in-house labor and reassign workers to other tasks that require the involvement of a human employee.

Small-business clients may also benefit from Conversation Intelligence’s role in identifying potential customer testimonials. Depending on their industry, your smaller clients may struggle to find a worthwhile customer testimonial that can be featured in their sales and marketing messaging. Conversation Intelligence can help by flagging key phrases in a conversation that may reflect customer satisfaction, a positive overall review, and a potential testimonial that will support the company’s growth strategy.

Passing on the benefits of Conversation Intelligence

As an agency, your clients look to you to deliver value through the sales and marketing services you provide. But your agency also has its own business goals to consider, especially when seeking insights to guide better lead qualification, more efficient marketing spending, and sustained growth as you look to the future.

Like the total suite of features offered through CallRail, Conversation Intelligence gives you an opportunity to leverage the benefits of this software to serve your own goals while also using this innovative solution to deliver better results for your clients. Test drive Conversation Intelligence FREE with a 14-day trial.

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