Introducing Manager Users

Now administrators can create or promote a user to a “Manager,” giving them more functionality than Client Reporting users,  without access to administrative settings. That means you’ll be able to keep your billing, branding, and account-wide settings secure while giving Managers the ability to create and edit phone numbers, call flows, and user settings. Administrators can also decide which companies a Manager user has access to.

Here’s What Managers Have Access to in CallRail:

  • All functionality on the Numbers tab, including the ability to create new phone  numbers.
  • Ability to update and customize Call Flows, including where calls will be routed.
  • Company Profile information and all functionality on the Company Settings page, including the ability to disable a company, andcreate and edit users.
  • All functionality on the Notifications page.
  • Manager users will have access to “My Information,” “Product Updates,” and “Help” from the “Account” page.

You can also add Manager users to your White Label call tracking account. In doing so, your branding will remain consistent to all users within your account, regardless of their user type. For information on setting up Manager users, visit our support documentation.