In our webinar ‘Choosing a Call Tracking Vendor’ we discussed research and evaluation methods that come in handy when choosing the right analytics vendor for your business.

During the webinar, we received a lot of great questions; so many in fact that we weren’t able to reach them all during the event. We’ve outlined all the questions and answers below, and provided our slides here for your review.

Agency Marketer's Guide to Client Retention

What are the laws surrounding call recording?

Call recording laws vary from state to state. It’s important that you know what the laws are regarding call recording in the specific places you’ll be doing business. Also, make sure that your analytics provider allows you to disable and enable the call recording function, and also set up pre-recorded messages to inform callers they will be recorded.

What about taking credit cards over the phone when being recorded?

While we can’t offer you legal advice, we would suggest taking payment over a secure website as oppose to taking personal information like credit card details over the phone.

Do you issue local phone numbers by area code or city?

We determine locality based on area code and prefix (the first 6 numbers).

Will using call analytics have a negative impact on my NAP consistency?

NAP Consistency is very important to Local Search Marketers –  which make up a big part of our client base, so it’s also very important to us. If you decide you want to track all calls to the business, there is a way to do this without interfering with your hard-won NAP consistency. Here’s a great blog post with more information on call analytics and NAP consistency.

We run multiple campaigns and some of them seasonal. How long after the campaign ends will call data be available?

We can’t speak for all analytics providers, but here, at CallRail your call data is available forever. So if you end a campaign and want to go back and compare a current campaign with that data you’ll be able to access it.

Can I take my CallRail phone numbers with me after I finish running a campaign?

Yes. Here at CallRail you have the ability to port phone numbers in and out, which gives our customers the confidence they need to use their phone numbers online and in print, knowing that they have ownership of that number.

How would you say you’re different than companies like CallTrackingMetrics and Invoca?

CallRail is the market share leader with more deployments than any of our competitors. On top of that we have the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. What our customers that come from CallTrackingMetrics have told us is that our software is so much more intuitive to use and we are much more helpful in getting them up and running.

Unlike Invoca, CallRail has no implementation fees and does not require that you commit to a contract. Our software is so easy to use you can be up and running by yourself in less then 10 minutes.

Thanks again for joining us, we look forward to seeing you at our next webinar event!