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Product Announcements

We built a brand new product: CallRail Form Tracking is here

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on June 19, 2019
CallRail form tracking

When we built CallRail back in 2011, we aimed to solve a particular problem. We wanted to connect three dots for businesses: their marketing, their website, and their inbound phone calls. As I write this, over 100,000 businesses now use CallRail to connect those dots — connecting the phone calls they’re receiving with the marketing…

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Protect sensitive customer info with our PCI Redaction feature

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on February 26, 2019
support agent sits at her PC

Over-the-phone payments have become more commonplace, but phone conversations that include sensitive customer billing information can present risks for businesses and their customers. That’s why, when you’re transcribing phone calls, it’s important to provide as much protection as possible for the Personal Credit Information (PCI) contained in these calls. Our new PCI Redaction feature removes…

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Add clarity to your call tracking with voicemail reporting

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on January 24, 2019
red arrow pointing at phone

Voicemail Reporting for More Accurate Call Data We’re excited to introduce some recent enhancements to our reporting engine that will enable CallRail users to identify all received voicemails, which will help improve your overall reporting accuracy. With this enhancement, calls that route to your destination number’s voicemail system will be recognized in CallRail as a…

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Greatly reduce time spent on call analysis with CallScribe Search

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headshot of Anna Niles
on October 12, 2018
callrail neon logo

How many times have you needed to retroactively access a series of emails or documents that share a keyword or filename in the contents? (For example: “Bank statement” or “refund.”) The ability to efficiently uncover key insights via search is equally important when it comes to analyzing your past calls and conversions, which is why…

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