by Brianna Weaver

Product updates and features roundup — January '22 edition

We’re starting off 2022 with a bang — featuring navigation updates that will help you get more value out of your CallRail data with ease. Plus, a new addition to the on-hold dialogue in Lead Center is sure to keep your customers happy and prevent hang-ups.

by Elliott Wood

Log4Shell Security Vulnerability: What you need to know

by Selina Boyce

Navigation enhancements for Settings — CallRail product update

The new navigation restructure introduces a Settings section that consolidates many of the pages that allow you to make updates to your app configuration.

by Pia Adolphsen

Product updates and features roundup — December 2021 edition

Welcome to the final round-up of the year. We have some reporting updates just in time for year-end reporting, an exciting opportunity to test out new Lead Center features, plus our feature of the month!

by Pia Adolphsen

Product updates and features roundup — November 2021 edition

Learn more about CallRail's Google Ads Integration update, security enhancements for Conversation Intelligence, plus our feature of the month: Call Monitoring!

by Laura Lawrie, Product Manager, CallRail

CallRail Announces New Integration with Google Ads Providing Real-Time Call Attribution Data

CallRail's latest integration with Google Ads ensures marketers have seamless access to reliable, real-time call analytics to optimize their marketing efficacy.

by Laura Lawrie, Product Manager, CallRail

Product updates and features roundup — October 2021 edition

CallRail's October 2021 product updates include outbound calls to Salesforce, bulk contact uploads Lead Center, and our feature of the month: Responsive Routing.

by Carly Cornforth

New feature roundup - September 2021 edition

We've made updates to our core products — Call Tracking and Lead Center — so that you can get even more out of the tools you love. Take a look at what's new at CallRail this month.

by Carly Cornforth

New feature roundup - August 2021 edition

Our product team has been hard at work this month with product updates and new features that will make your life easier. Take a look.

by Rachel Ward

New feature roundup - July 2021 edition

We want to make our customer's experience with CallRail the best it can be. Here's a look at our latest improvements.

by Rachel Ward

New feature roundup - June 2021 edition

See what's new at CallRail in our monthly product update blog.

by Katie Salley

STIR/SHAKEN: With CallRail, you’re covered

Tired of receiving spam calls? Then you're in for some good news. Starting June 20, 2021, the FCC is implementing new protocols to combat spam calls. Here's what to expect.

by Rachel Ward

New feature roundup — May 2021 edition

Interested in learning what's new at CallRail? Look no further. Check out our release notes for the latest updates on the platform.

by Ozi Opurum

Lead Center chat: Another way for customers to reach you

Growing businesses must meet their customers where they are. And today, 85% of customers prefer live chat. So we beefed up Lead Center and added chat as a new functionality. Click through to see what it's all about.

by Anna Charity

Call Tracking update: Efficiently review calls in one sitting with One at a Time View

Interested in learning how to work smarter, not harder? Then you'll our latest update to Call Tracking: One at Time View and Annotations. Take a look.

by Jessica Clarke

Meet the new Lead Center

All legacy Lead Center accounts will be migrated to the new Lead Center after February 14, 2021. Here's everything you need to know about it.

by Anna Charity

Automation Rules: Lead classification, simplified

New out-of-the-box templates make lead classification a breeze. Learn more about this powerful, new Conversation Intelligence addition here.

by Jay Hansborough

Take control of your leads with Lead Center

Lead management just got a whole lot easier. CallRail's Lead Center helps small businesses consolidate and organize interactions with customers and prospects all in one place.

by Jay Hansborough

Know the context behind every conversation

Get visibility into each customer's journey - from how they first found your business to every online and offline interaction with your company.

by Bridget Graf

Grow your agency with CallRail’s Agency Partner Program

Learn about CallRail's Agency Partner Program, where agency users can enjoy exclusive benefits, including revenue-sharing.

by Jay Hansborough

Create smarter Custom Forms with field logic

CallRail’s Custom Forms just got a whole lot smarter. With field logic, you can customize and improve your user experience when filling out forms while increasing your form's conversions.

by Katherine Hosmer

CallRail Updates to Google Ads, GMB, and Google Data Studio Integrations

CallRail and Google work together wonderfully, and we’re always looking for ways we can make our users’ lives easier. Check out our latest updates and improvements to our Google integrations.

by Katherine Hosmer

What's new at CallRail: Features, reports & more

We’ve been hard at work here at CallRail making big improvements to some of our most popular features. See what's improved, what's new, and more.

by Brittney Sovik

Never miss a lead with Automated Responses

To get the sale, you need to respond to the buyer before your competitors do. With CallRail's Auto Responses, never leave a lead unattended again.

by Katherine Hosmer

Get the most out of CallRail in a changing business landscape

As the business landscape changes, here are some new ways to consider using your CallRail account to communicate with your customers in times of change or uncertainty.