Call Tracking Case Studies

Learn how CallRail clients drove real results from implementing call tracking and analytics into their marketing campaigns. CallRail’s call tracking and analytics software has helped businesses increase client retention, boost revenue, drive down adspend, and optimize their marketing campaigns. View how CallRail clients have benefited from implementing call attribution, call recording, call analytics, and integrations into their marketing strategy. Learn more about other use success stories and use cases by reading the articles below.

Customer Spotlight: How SmartBug and The Arbor Co. optimize sales and marketing, together

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karissa austin photo
on April 30, 2019
arbor company seniors laughing

Choosing an independent or assisted living community is a big decision for seniors and their families. On top of requiring excellent accommodations, they also need peace of mind and confidence in their community management before signing a lease. The Arbor Company knows this firsthand. With 44 independent and assisted living rental communities across 11 states,…

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With Bing, Google Ads, and call tracking, ‘PPC sharpshooters’ SalesX deliver superior results

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on March 22, 2019
A man looks up at the rising line of a graph painted on the wall in front of him.

There’s no shortage of PPC marketing experts today who promise to bring in big results for your business. But in the new and constantly shifting world of online advertising, those claims can suddenly evaporate due to abrupt changes in the industry — expertise with the current Google Ads (AdWords) ranking algorithm becomes less valuable when…

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The Humberview Group triples inbound leads after switching to CallRail

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on February 25, 2019
The first Humberview dealer

Even the biggest automotive marketing companies can run into trouble when it comes to consistently generating high-quality leads. Like other industries where customers make big-ticket purchases, the path to conversion can stretch across weeks or months and involve plenty of research and deliberation on the buyer’s part. Without a way to properly analyze leads across…

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Sagora Senior Living enjoys ‘eye-opening value’ from CallRail CPL reporting

Posted by
Jules Tompkins at CallRail
on February 22, 2019
group photo of Segora seniors

When Bret Forster joined the Sagora Senior Living marketing team last summer, one of his first priorities was, well, exactly what you’d expect from a new digital marketing manager: He wanted to know which campaigns and keywords were driving conversions, and which ones weren’t. Sagora operates more than 30 retirement communities in Alabama, California, Florida,…

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Mold Busters doubles daily call volume with call tracking

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on July 25, 2018
colorful housesA row of colorful houses

Most CallRail case studies begin with a little shoe-leather research on our end — we review our internal analytics, see which users and industries are the most active, and then reach out to do interviews with the most notable accounts we’ve discovered. It’s less common for a case study to come directly to us, but that’s…

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Slamdot and Call Tracking: Local agency marketing, done right

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on June 18, 2018
A keyring sits against a white background

As any small business owner can tell you, the fewer vendors and moving parts you have to deal with, the better. You already have to keep track of a budget, personnel, and a near-infinite array of smaller, day-to-day business decisions. Coordinating with an external vendor is one more headache that most businesses just don’t have…

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With call tracking, ParaCore achieves agency success and stellar client retention

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on May 29, 2018
marketing agency paracore uses call tracking to help their clients see accurate reports

Recently, CallRail held our first-ever Case Study Webinar. We conducted a live interview with Adam Arkfeld, the founder and president of ParaCore, a digital marketing agency based out of Tempe, Arizona. Now, if you’ve been following the CallRail blog, you’re probably already familiar with our case studies. (After all, you’re reading one right now!) We…

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