Workshop Digital increases leads 67% by switching to CallRail

Workshop Digital switches to CallRail and increases leads, ROI, and conversions while maintaining their cost per lead.

Located in Richmond, Virginia, Workshop Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency providing SEO, PPC, paid social, PR, and content digital services to more than 80 clients in the U.S. and Canada. Since many of the businesses they serve are focused on lead generation, they knew that call tracking needed to be an integral part of their marketing strategy.

“We have a plethora of lead generation clients, and for these clients, calls often represent a large portion of leads – especially for our clients in service industries. Call tracking allows us to attribute phone call leads to the source that drove them. If someone clicked on a paid search ad and then made a call which turned into a sale or a new customer, we would want to know that so we can more accurately report on return on investment and cost per lead,” said Morgan Jarvis, Senior PDM (Paid Digital Marketing) Analyst at Workshop Digital.

That visibility into which ads drove calls for their clients was invaluable, however, they ran into a few bumps in the road before being able to increase leads, revenue, and ROI.

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Call Data Blind Spots

Workshop Digital had been using another call tracking provider for several years, but they were running into blind spots and needed deeper granular data behind which PPC campaigns were driving phone calls for their clients.

“We wanted to know not only that this call was driven by a paid search ad, but which campaign, what ad copy, and which keyword drove that phone call lead,” said Jarvis.

Workshop Digital started searching for another call tracking solution that would give them the campaign data they needed to optimize their campaigns, and ultimately switched to CallRail.

“CallRail’s Website Pools allows us to see that level of granularity. The platform is also much easier to setup and use, with many helpful intuitive features.”

Deeper Data in Action

“The biggest benefit of call tracking for our company is the granular data it provides. Internally, we are able to use this data to make campaign budget and keyword bidding decisions. Externally, it gives us the ability to prove the value of our services to our clients. It allows us to increase measurability, tighten attribution, and overall provide more data to our clients. The platform is also very user-friendly which allows our clients to easily log-in and use features such as call tagging to separate lead types,” said Jarvis.

That granular data has recently improved campaigns for one of their clients, a dental practice, that wanted to increase their local new patient leads. They needed a platform that could differentiate new and existing patient appointment request.

“We gave the client access to [CallRail’s] user-friendly interface so they could listen to phone calls and determine the lead type and quality, and ‘tag’ them accordingly,” said Jarvis. “This information helped determine which areas of the account were driving new patient phone call leads and allowed us to optimize accordingly.”

For Workshop Digital, features like call recording, tagging, and data behind campaigns, keywords, and even ad copy has transformed the way they approach marketing.

“This has been and will continue to be, very useful in forecasting for key performance objectives. Internally, we have been using the granular data provided by the website pool to direct our bidding and budgeting to shift funds to the most efficient areas.”

More Leads, More Conversions, More ROI

Workshop Digital recently compared the amount of leads they were driving with PPC campaigns while working with their first call tracking provider to the amount they have driven over the same period of time with CallRail, and the results are staggering.

“We recently compared data from the period where we were using our previous call tracking provider against the period when we were using CallRail call tracking. We were able to increase leads for this client by 67% while maintaining a stable cost per lead, and CallRail was a large contributor to this success.”

Not only were they able to increase overall leads by switching to CallRail from their previous provider they’ve seen improvements in almost every area of their marketing with their ROI increasing and their conversion rate increasing by 11%. Workshop Digital continues to use CallRail to grow their business without having to spend more marketing dollars on leads.

“We attribute much of our ability to grow new patient leads at a stable cost per lead to the insights provided by CallRail,” concluded Jarvis.

Workshop Digital is a CallRail Platinum Agency Partner. Agencies that join the Partner Program are eligible for co-marketing benefits like this, along with webinars and guest posts. Interested in joining the Partner Program? Sign up here.