Introducing CallScribe: Call Transcriptions, Powered by Conversation Intelligence

Phone calls provide a wealth of information you just can’t get from website clicks. These one-on-one conversations offer in-depth details about your customers, and how you can improve your sales, marketing, and service organizations.

But obtaining all that valuable data can be difficult, and listening to every call recording isn’t always feasible. That’s why we’re excited to introduce CallScribe, the latest feature using CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence technology. CallScribe automatically transcribes calls into visual, speaker-organized text that can be read much easier than a call can be listened to, giving you full visibility into what’s happening during inbound phone calls.

How CallScribe Works

Part of our recently announced Conversation Intelligence offering, CallScribe provides messages at a glance. Once enabled, CallScribe will analyze your call recordings to create a speaker-organized text script. You’ll be able to understand the value of a phone call instantly, by simply clicking on the call within the CallRail dashboard and checking the call transcription for keywords or phrases.

Call transcriptions will also be included in email notifications. You’ll get an overview of how your phone calls are performing without ever logging into your account. CallScribe is the fastest and easiest way to analyze phone conversations for useful insights.

CallScribe Call Transcriptions

The instant information provided by CallScribe helps you better understand your customer’s needs, and makes it possible to drive calls that really matter to your business. A transcript can be read much faster than a call can be listened to, and can reveal significant information about your callers.

Never listen to a call recording again, and use CallScribe to:

  • Optimize your landing page copy to address common questions from customers that call into your business.
  • Improve paid search efforts by making sure you’re bidding on keywords and phrases callers inquire about in phone call conversations.
  • Identify your best selling products or services, and gain competitive intel.

Call Transcripts in Email Alerts

Documented Call Conversion Insights

When paired with CallScore’s call outcome insights, CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence can document everything that leads to a call conversion – or what caused a caller to fail to convert.

  • Analyze known good leads. Once CallScore marks a phone call as a potential good lead, quickly review the call transcription provided by CallScribe for information on how the caller converted and what sales tactics work. Discover if a special promotion was mentioned, or what product they’re interested in.

  • Valuable intel about unconverted callers. Conversation Intelligence can also be useful for those callers that don’t convert. Scan CallScribe’s visual call transcription to quickly identify the pain point that resulted in an unconverted call, if a competitor was mentioned during the call, and how to improve calls moving forward.

Get Started with CallScribe

Ready to start gleaning meaningful call insights from speaker-organized call transcriptions? CallScribe can be activated at the company-level within your CallRail account, for an additional per-minute fee. Read our support article to learn how to turn on CallScribe today, or reach out to our Sales Team at