Using Call Transcriptions to Increase Conversion Rates & Leads

When we talk about conversion rate optimization (CRO), we’re typically talking about getting website visitor to perform some specific action that makes them a lead for your business. This includes things like developing better landing page copy, improving traffic generation strategies, and creating an intriguing web design that drives the visitor to either fill out a form, initiate a web chat, or if you’re a business using CallRail – place a phone call.

Conversion rates should be an ongoing maintenance and a regular focal point of your marketing efforts. Conversions are what ultimately increase leads, sales, and most importantly profits for your business.

What most businesses don’t realize, however, is that recorded customer interactions – like phone calls from CallRail – can help you generate valuable data that can be analyzed to improve conversion rates.

Phone Calls & Conversion Rate Optimization Process

CRO is about more than just increasing the percentage of people that complete forms or place phone calls to your business. It’s about increasing revenue through a deeper understanding of your customer’s needs. According to CallRail integration partner VWO, at it’s simplest the CRO process involves 5 steps:

  1. Research Phase –: Identify areas of improvement.
  2. Hypothesis Phase – Construct an educated hypothesis.
  3. Prioritization Phase – Prioritize test ideas.
  4. Testing Phase – Choose the right test and set it up.
  5. Learn Phase – How to analyze test results.

The first step of the process is crucial, and where CallRail can help play the biggest role. In the research phase, you will need to collect both qualitative data and quantitative data. While quantitative data can typically be easily found in analytics tools such as Google Analytics, the qualitative data can be a bit more tricky – but just as crucial. The qualitative data is collected by exploring user behavior, and helps you better understand the goals, motivations, and intent of potential buyers when they visit your website.

That’s where phone call transcriptions come into play. Call transcriptions, such as those provided by CallRail’s Transcriptions, are a valuable source of that qualitative data. Recorded phone calls can reveal the most common questions and reservations customers have about purchasing from your company. You can analyze call transcriptions to eliminate any of this reservations through website optimization; use recorded phone calls to make your site more informative and persuasive based on what customers are saying.

Getting Started with Call Transcriptions

First, you’ll need to decide on a place and process to house all that useful data hiding inside of your call transcriptions. Here at CallRail, we love our spreadsheets and find them the best place to analyze all this data. Some of the CallRail data you may want to consider looking at is the following:

  • Marketing source
  • Keywords (if using visitor level tracking)
  • Landing page (if using visitor level tracking)
  • Active page (if using visitor level tracking)
  • Device type
  • CallScore lead status
  • Spotted key terms (if using Automation Rules)

This can all be exported using the “Export CSV” option on the Call Log page. Once you’ve done that, begin reading call transcriptions and consider adding the following to the spreadsheet:

  • Name, Age, Sex – These fields are pretty self-explanatory and require you to read through the transcription to see if this information is revealed by the caller.
  • Product – If you sell multiple products or services, you’ll want to track which exact product line is being discussed in the phone call.
  • Category of Interest – You may want to use tags inside of CallRail for this. This field is a great way to group the transcriptions into topics that make sense for your analysis such as mentioned features, general customer worries, or even if someone is having trouble making a purchase on your website.
  • Summary – Use this area to record the main takeaway from this chat.
  • To Do – Were there any actionable takeaways from the chat transcript? If so, record them here. this could be something like customer feature requests, or complaints about bugs.
  • Real Quotes – After reading the entire call transcription, write down some of the most important user sentences in your customer’s exact words. We would suggest focusing on sentences that express customer pain points, an information gap on the website, or the desired goal they want to achieve.

Analyzing Call Data Effectively

We know that last step was hard – but here comes the fun part. Once you’ve gone through all of your phone call transcriptions of interest, it’s time to uncover those treasured insights.

The first step is to sort phone calls by category of interest – what are the top concerns driving calls from your website? These are high-level topics you can immediately look into doing a better job of covering in your content or landing pages.

Next, copy all of the entries from the “Real Quotes” column into a word cloud creator. This will generate a word cloud of customer quotes in the language they use to describe their problems and concerns. See any trends? Once you identify the top words you feel best to identify any pains, reservations, or desires you’ll be able to eliminate visitor doubts by plugging those words directly into your landing page copy.

You will learn how your target consumers speak, the words they use to describe their pain points, and the exact goals they’re looking to achieve with your product – and be able to update your messaging to align with them. Analyzing phone call transcriptions can help you discover what’s stopping website visitors from buying, and then make changes to your website to remove these roadblocks.

Optimizing Your Website for More Calls & Sales

Conversion rate optimization is not always easy, but it’s definitely worth it. You must take an approach that includes both qualitative and quantitative data, rather than simply piecing together what you think might be most effective.

Phone call transcriptions can be an extremely valuable piece of any effective CRO strategy, and should never be overlooked for companies driving valuable phone calls to their business.

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