CallScribe is one of CallRail’s most powerful features — it automatically transcribes phone conversations into searchable, speaker-organized transcriptions. CallScribe gives users an at-a-glance look at the entire conversation, without having to listen to thousands of phone calls. Having CallScribe in place unlocks multiple opportunities to improve both your marketing campaigns and the overall customer experience.

As part of CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence suite, CallScribe is packed with features like Keyword Spotting and Call Highlights to make analyzing calls even simpler. The two work alongside each other to spotlight on the most relevant parts of a phone conversation. Keyword Spotting finds your predefined keywords, whereas Call Highlights suggests relevant and actionable keywords. Having the most relevant pieces of the call in one place, along with the ability to tag calls, allows for more detailed conversation analysis.

Marketing campaigns and ad spend

With CallScribe in place, marketers and advertisers can understand what’s driving calls, and the content of those calls. Using CallRail’s direct integration with Google Analytics and Google Ads (formerly AdWords,) you can unlock deeper insights into what strategies and campaigns make your phone ring.

Here are just a few ways you can use CallScribe to maximize campaigns efforts and bridge attribution gaps:

  • Integrate keywords spotted with your analytics platforms to view channels driving the most calls to your business, and better understand conversion patterns
  • Keep a competitive advantage by understanding what features and competitors leads are asking about
  • Uncover which keywords are driving calls to maximize ad spend and improve lead generation, driving a higher volume of calls at a lower cost

Employee management and training

CallScribe drastically simplifies employee management and training. It eliminates the need to listen to phone calls and coordinate training sessions while enabling you to spend more time hitting your goals while managing your team.

Here’s how you can use CallScribe to streamline employee management and training:

  • Ensure call center employees are sticking to a script
  • Gain visibility into what promotions are performing best for your sales team
  • Utilize tagging capabilities to categorize calls by performance type, making it easy to identify who may need additional training

Turning on CallScribe

CallScribe is a company-dependent feature that can be activated from the Settings tab, under Intelligence. There is an additional fee associated with CallScribe transcriptions, that starts at $0.025/min. Once activated, transcripts, keywords, and call highlights will be available from the caller’s Timeline, and in email notifications.

To learn more about how CallScribe can improve your business, request your no-obligation demo of CallRail, or go ahead and start your 14-day free trial.

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