CallRail is Rolling Out A New Look & Feel

In the next few weeks you might notice that things look different around here– that’s because we’re rolling out an updated user interface. What does that mean for you as a client? An easier to navigate dashboard and a more intuitive call tracking experience.

So, What’s Different?

We’ve organized the interface in a way that’s easier to navigate, allowing you to quickly access all of the settings, configurations, and data you need.

How It’s Organized

What’s Happening Now (Real Time Interactions). You’ll be able to access real time interactions and SMS Messaging Conversations by clicking the ‘bolt’ icon and accessing the “What’s Happening Now” section of our interface. This is also where you’ll be able to place Outbound Calls.

Analytics (Main Phone Call Dashboard). You’ll be able to access the main call dashboard by clicking on the analytics icon, whereyou’ll have easy access to reports like Usage by Number and Usage by Company. We’ve also made it easier for you to move through multiple companies, add a new company, and add a new number.

Configurations (Numbers, Call Flows, Integrations, and more). Now you can view and edit configurations for each of your companies by clicking on the company drop down. Once you select a company you’ll be able to make any changes to Numbers, Call Flows, Integrations, Block Callers, Edit Tags and Verify Caller ID’s.

You can also access and configure company Integrations in the Configurations section. There, you’ll be able to access third party integrations as well as CallRail integrations, Webhooks, and Dynamic Number Insertion.

Account (User and Company Account Settings). Now it’s easier to make changes to your personal and company-wide account settings in our updated Account section. You’ll be able to access and make changes to your notifications, user based integrations, account settings, user settings, company settings, API access, and billing.