CallRail’s Mini Makeover

Your favorite company in call analytics just got a bit of a facelift. CallRail has new navigation icons across the top of your dashboard, and even a brand new button to add tracking numbers to your account. Our latest updates not only keep CallRail’s interface looking slick, they also help us run things quicker on the backend of your account!

Let’s take a quick tour of the changes

We added new icons to the top of your dashboard. As you hover to click on these icons, you’ll see a pop-up that shows exactly where you’re going. Each of these icons link to the same pages as they did previously:

 The Activity page displays your call logs and activity dashboard. You can apply filters to your calls, listen to your recordings, and access any caller’s detail page to learn more about the campaigns that prompted them to pick up the phone.

ReportsSelecting Reports allows you to pull company-wide and agency-wide reports on your campaigns and your tracking numbers. You’re able to export, print, and customize each report available in your account.

CopilotClicking Copilot will take you to your real-time call dashboard. Here, you can add notes to your call, see the caller’s visitor path before they called your tracking number, and access relevant integration information about a caller.

SettingsNavigate to Settings to customize your tracking numbers and set up integrations. This is also where you’ll go to set up a call flow, as well as where you’ll go to set up Form Submissions and Lead Classification.

UI Update - MacBook Product Placement v5

But the biggest win of all is for you!

The Add Number button is available at the top of each page in our app so you can get a campaign up and running at any time.  All you have to do is click “Add Number” and select the company where the tracking number should be added. We’ll guide you through the steps to make sure your tracking number is configured properly, and add the number to your company of choice as soon as you create it. Any tracking number you create can be edited or updated from your company settings page.

The same features you love just got easier and quicker to find. Enjoy!