CallRail is excited to be sponsoring and attending the 2015 Local Search Association Conference in Los Angeles, California, April 20 – 22. The Local Search Association (LSA) is the largest trade organization of companies engaged in local advertising and marketing.

Local is fast becoming the center of the new digital media universe. Whether you call it “last-mile advertising,” “geomarketing” or “location-based targeting,” the local market is highly dynamic and changing fast.

The 2015 Local Search Association Conference in Los Angeles April 20-22, will offer a 360 degree view of what’s going on today with a host of new speakers, session topics and formats that offer deeper insights and more audience engagement.


CallRail is also a finalist in the Ad to Action Awards, nominated in the attribution and analytics category. Winners will be announced during the conference.

Planning on attending? Let us know, our Director of Analytics, Mark Sullivan, looks forward to seeing you there!

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